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Sayulita Insider is the first-ever video and TV production channel that makes local content. In here, you will find 100% local content which we did for the pueblo for free. Read our #SupportLocal project and get to know how we give back to the community. If you prefer to watch on Youtube, click here.


2020 recap in 3 minutes

In a year unlikely any other, we take a look back on the events in Sayulita in 2020. We are only 6 months old (as of January 1, 2021) but in the last few months, we’ve championed businesses in Sayulita demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and responsible travel. Get to know us through this 2020 recap.


$80 Chilaquiles vs $180 Chilaquiles in Sayulita

Welcome to Episode 2 of True Value hosted by local chefs Julieta Cuadrado and Rodrigo Dragonetti. In our first episode, Rodrigo and Julieta tried 3 fish tacos in Sayulita with different price points: $20, $45, and $295 MXN! This time, they are going to try CHILAQUILES in 3 different price points. What’s your favorite chilaquiles in Sayulita?


Eternal Expat visits Sayulita!

Laura Bronner from Eternal Expat was one of the International bloggers whom we brought to Sayulita for a familiarization trip. In this summary, she told us what she thinks of Sayulita and shared her best moments while she was in town.


Get to know Sayulita’s recycling center

Jair introduces Sayulita’s new recycling and triage center for processing recyclable waste. This is the first video in a series that attempts to educate the greater Sayulita public about how the Recycling Center is working to create a cleaner, greener town.


What is El Itacate?

An itacate is a fairly uncommon noun in the Spanish language. An itacate is a packet of food for travelling, typically a somewhat random assortment. It’s also the bandana that you see on the end of a stick carried by hobos in the cartoons.


Papo’s: Voted Best Burgers in Sayulita

Sayulita loves to party. Party-goers love late-night eats. After most restaurants close, dining options are reduced to the late-night eateries. Taco stands, bacon-wrapped hot dog joints, and hamburgueserías occupy that niche, serving hungry revelers on their way home to bed late at night.

See best burger in Sayulita voting results here


July 2020 Recap

Hello, August!!! Sayulita Insider is proud to have completed its second full calendar month operating as a video production company in our beloved town of Sayulita. In case you missed any of our videos, here are our top 5 favorites.


How to recycle metals (with Sami)

Research shows that it helps to teach children to reuse and to understand the benefits of recycling. Recycling saves the planet in so many different ways, it saves the environment and at the same time, it offers people jobs which they could fulfill, which means that it also helps with solving the problem of unemployment. Children taught to care for the environment at a young age will bring this lesson forever!


Help SayulitaAnimals

Sayulitanimals, our animal welfare organization is now also suffering from worldwide lockdown due to COVID-19. Their weekly spay/neuter program is 100% funded by the cash donations from the merchandise booth at hotel central. The booth has been closed for 4 months with zero income or donations.


La Fogonera churros and burgers 

Welcome to the second episode of our series, Sayulita Street Food Icons. On the north side of town, there is a food cart that you probably heard about because of their famous churros! Founded by Tamara and Radaii, they traveled all the way from Puebla with their food cart and finally arrived at Sayulita. They passed by different states along the way to try their luck and up until today, their business is thriving in different parts of Mexico.


That mural in the north side 

You’ve probably seen this mural a lot as it is very expressive and it catches attention. We found the person who painted it and we’d love you to meet her! Alessia is from Italy and has been living here in Sayulita for the last 5 years. Her specialty is ‘faces’ and we sat down with her to get to know her style, her inspiration, her aspirations, and how Sayulita motivated her to be the artist that she is today.


Organic pineapples in Sayulita 

What an interesting week! We visited an organic pineapple farm (yes, no preservatives or pesticides involved!) and we had a lot of fun! Meet the Ramos-Luna family who is selling really cheap pineapples by the baseball field. This is the cheapest pineapple you’ll get in town so whenever you feel like having one, go visit them!


Organic tabaco in Sayulita 

Raul’s family has been into the tobacco business for many years. From his great grandfather, grandfather, and uncles, Raul has now decided to take over the business and advocate for organic tobacco. This is 100% organic with no additives or harmful chemicals and is highly recommended to those who are trying to quit the commercial cigarettes. He claims that his grandfather lived up to 108 years old by smoking organic tobacco!


$20 vs $40 vs $295 MXN Fish Taco 

Welcome to our new series, True Value hosted by local chefs Rodrigo Dragonetti and Julieta Cuadrado. In this series, Rodrigo and Julieta try 3 fish tacos in Sayulita with different price points: $20, $45, and $295 MXN! Is there a difference or it’s just the price? Is it better on the streets or in a gourmet restaurant?


Cochinita Pibil in Sayulita 

Meet Anna Karenina, a local independent chef who sells cochinita pibil from home. Cochinita pibil is a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Peninsula. Although Anna is from Mexico City, her family has a lot of southern roots. Preparation of traditional cochinita is very long and tedios so we followed this 3-day process with Anna!


Tacos El Ivan, the family business

Tacos al pastor is a famous Mexican favorite. It is pork marinated in a combination of dried chilis, spices, pineapple, and typically achiote paste then slowly cooked in a gas-flamed on a vertical rotisserie called “trompo.” Tacos Ivan has been in Sayulita for the last 15 years. This is our first episode for our Sayulita Street Food Icons Series so we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Tacos El Ivan!


June 2020 Recap

Hello, July!!! Sayulita Insider is proud to have completed its first full calendar month operating as a video production company in our beloved town of Sayulita. In case you missed any of our videos, here are our top 5 favorites.


Meet Karla: Sayulita’s premiere female DJ

There aren’t a lot of DJs based in Sayulita, let alone female DJs. In this first episode of our Sayulita DJ series, we sat down with Karla Rojas (aka DJ Tender) and asked her what it’s like to be a female DJ in Sayulita. We also talked about how she got here (she’s from Tepic!) and how she fell in love with Sayulita.


Why birds shouldn’t be caged

Tracie and her associate Cristian have been going door-to-door looking for birds to rescue. It’s tough work, and it’s hard to tell someone that their pet is essentially being abused. “We hear the pericos calling,” Tracie said, using the Spanish word for parakeet, “we approach the owners, who do love their little birds–they do love them, and I have to convince them that their bird is suffering and would be better off with its own species.”


La Guera: Voted Best Ceviche in Sayulita

The winner of our second edition of our Best of the Best series doña Irma, who most people know simply as Güera. She is the mother of Karen, from Karen’s fish market, and the daughter of a Sayulita fisherman. Growing up in this sleepy fishing village, Irma began making her acclaimed fish ceviche–a slightly different variation according to the fish available–at an early age and has been making it for more than 20 years.