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Introducing Sayulita Insider’s #SupportLocal series

The Insider Group launched Sayulita Insider in June 2020 with the hopes of supporting the local community. We’ve seen how many individuals (who are also our friends) are competing with big tour companies. They never get bookings because the competition is very high. Most individuals don’t have the means or budget for digital marketing so we thought of opening a space for them to promote themselves for free.

All our tours on our Experiences page is 100% local and are vetted using the following parameters:

  • Must have a good record in town. When someone applies to be part of our local experiences, our team of experts investigates by looking into their profiles in detail, talking to common friends and gathering intel about the applicant. Rest assured that your safety is guaranteed with the locals listed on our website.
  • Must be living in Sayulita for at least one year. Sayulita is home to many different expats from all over the world. However, not everyone stays because this town is not for everyone. We want to support those local businesses who will last as we want to be part of their journey. Since we are doing this for free, we do not want to invest on something short-term.

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