Sayulita yoga classes: welcome to the yoga paradise in Nayarit!

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Editor’s Note: Some of these Sayulita yoga classes can be booked via Airbnb experiences. There are many yoga teachers in Sayulita but we’d like to recommend people we only have experiences with.

Hello guys, thank you for all the helpful content! I am looking for some great Sayulita yoga classes (particularly ashtanga or vinyasa) so if you can recommend anyone, that will be great! I saw your video with the travel bloggers doing yoga but I can’t find the teacher. Please help! Thank you!

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Yoga with Audra Rose (Vinyasa)

Audra started her career as a yoga instructor in 2009. She taught and practiced for years in Carolina Coast then moved to LA for a more intense training. She moved to Sayulita and started her business, Rose Room. Her classes will make you celebrate your center, connect to your body profoundly, and give more space and openness in your heart.

sayulita yoga classes

Audra gave a class during our International travel bloggers’ trip to Sayulita in October 2020.

During our session with her, the bloggers admitted that they were challenged and some of the positions were difficult but at the end of the lesson, everyone said they really feel good and aligned.

Check prices and availability at The Rose Room »

Private Roof Top Wellness Yoga and Fitness

Laura and Jenny are best friends and business partners. Having this relationship for the last 10 years, this duo is the perfect team for your yoga classes in Sayulita. Jenny is a certified personal trainer and has lots of experience working with different people of all ages and body types. Her specialty is posture realignment, balance, functional training, and rehab. Laura, on the other hand, is a certified yoga instructor and has been traveling the world as a yoga teacher for the last 12 years. Her specialty is Hatha yoga, ashtanga, and yoga nigra.

sayulita yoga classes

Jenny and Laura do their classes on a rooftop. Before you take this class, they do a mini-survey/questionnaire about your personal desires and skills set. They do this in order to identify what part of your body needs improvement. Their classes last up to 1.5 hours and are taught in English. Aside from yoga, they also offer fitness classes and personal training services.

Check Laura and Jenny’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

Sand up paddle yoga with Marissa

Marissa has been teaching and practicing yoga for years and is a certified yoga instructor. She moved to Sayulita as she finds this as the best place to be in, especially for health and wellness practitioners like her. In Sayulita, Marissa started practicing paddleboard yoga and she wants to share the joy she learned from her practice with guests visiting Sayulita.

yoga sayulita

Doing yoga on a paddleboard (and in the water) looks very difficult but Marissa will guide you all the way! This one of a kind yoga experience will also give you a glimpse on the best nature spots in Sayulita. Her classes are also held during sunset, and mind you, we have the best sunset in the Riviera Nayarit. This session with Marissa will definitely make you reconnect with nature.

Check Marissa’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

Sayulita yoga classes with Leah

Leah is from Vancouver and has been practicing and teaching yoga for the last 18 years. Apart from yoga, Leah also offers surf tours in Sayulita. She strongly recommends mixing these two together as they go hand in hand in making your practice better.

sayulita yoga classes

Leah has been surfing since she was a teenager and is a registered/certified open water lifeguard. Her Sayulita surf tours include yoga and stand up paddling lessons as well.

Check Leah’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

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sayulita yoga classes

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