Can you apply for a fiber-optic wifi in Sayulita without a Mexican resident visa?

sayulita wifi

Editor’s full disclosure: We were not compensated to publish this article about Sayulita WiFi. All opinions are our own and based on our experience living in Sayulita. Our goal is to provide transparent and honest journalism to our readers. We do not recommend products or businesses that we didn’t try ourselves.

Hello to everyone at Sayulita Insider. What a helpful blog! We are a family from San Diego and we are going to move to Sayulita in a month. My husband and I are both working from home. I read your post about internet in Sayulita and it was really helpful. But we are both 100% dependent on our online jobs. If we don’t have a stable connection even just for an hour, we can lose our jobs. My question is what is the process of applying for Sayulita WiFi if you do not have a permanent or temporary resident visa in Mexico? Thank you so much for your help!

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Most ex-pats in Sayulita already know that if you do not have a permanent or temporary Mexican visa, your privileges are sort of limited. For example, you can’t really get a Mexican bank account if you are on a tourist visa (though there is one bank that accepts tourist visas; more on that later). A lot of people who live in Sayulita only have a 6-months tourist visa which you automatically get upon entering Mexico. People base themselves here and just come and go when the visa is expired.

Anyway, we also have an article about how to apply for a temporary resident visa in Mexico so feel free to read it after. But this post is about Sayulita Wifi, a fiber-optic Internet provider in Sayulita, San Pancho, and Lo de Marcos.

Disclaimer: Sayulita Wifi did not pay us for this article. All opinions and research are based on our personal experience. Please take note we only recommend companies in Sayulita that we trust.

Sayulita Wifi: is it worth it?

Our office in Sayulita is equipped with the basic home-plan from Sayulita Wifi. We never had any problems with it, especially with the work that we do. At Sayulita Insider, our work revolves around heavy video uploads, and with Sayulita Wifi, it’s always smooth sailing! For example, the duration of our videos is between 3 – 7 minutes. It only takes a minute for our videos to upload on Youtube! The same goes for our long videos (30-45 minute Youtube videos).

We have an Internet speed of 100 MBPS that costs $90 USD per month. In Mexico, that is considered very expensive because Telmex’s monthly is less than $25 USD. However, Telmex’s Internet speed does not really work in our favor. As a digital nomad ourselves, fiber-optic is necessary so we took the investment.

How to apply for Sayulita Wifi without a permanent or temporal visa

Companies like Telmex will ask you for a temporary/permanent Mexican residence visa if you are to apply for the Internet in your home. Luckily, Sayulita Wifi is a private company so you only need your Mexican tourist visa to apply for WiFi under your name.

Step 1: Start your application process in their office

Sayulita Wifi’s office is located at Avenida Revolucion right in front of Rustica. If you use Google maps and you arrive at the location, you won’t really see a sign that says “Sayulita Wifi office.” It’s a small glass door that leads to their Co-Working space on the second floor. It’s also right next to a colorful Mexican souvenir shop.

Once there, look for Ernesto or Zaida. Ernesto is usually the one who runs the Co-Working space so he is there at the office from 9:00 – 17:00. You can talk to him about the services that you want to avail. Ernesto is very friendly and will attend to your needs so don’t hesitate to ask him questions! They did not ask us for identification because they already know us from living there for years. Just in case, bring your passport!

Step 2: The tech team will visit your home for an initial check

Sayulita Wifi might have fiber optic Internet but there are some areas in town that do not have reception. In easy saying, there is no guarantee that you will be able to have Sayulita Wifi in your home. We’ve moved our offices in the past just because of this location signal problem but we are not advising you to do the same. However, if you really need this type of wifi, you might have to find a better long-term rental location.

Depending on the structure of your house, they may or may not need you to be physically present when they are checking the signal. For example, in one of our offices which has an outdoor garden and roof access, they were able to do the signal assessment without any of us being there. The most important thing to note here is that they need to be able to go up to your roof and catch their signal in one of their towers in your area. But don’t worry, they always schedule it ahead of time so they can give you a heads up if you need to be there or not.

Step 3: Pay the fees

Once the tech guys confirm that there is Sayulita Wifi signal in your house, Ernesto will prepare the invoice. I know I said that the monthly Wi-Fi fee is $90 USD but there is a lot to pay upon installation. This is a sample quote we received. Of course, these rates vary depending on the size of your property but it’s more or less the same for everyone:

  • 1x Ubiquiti Airmax Powerbeam 5AC ISO GEN2
  • 1x universal arm mount
  • 1x Ubiquiti Unifi AC Lite
  • Ubiquiti ToughCable Pro
  • Ubiquiti ToughCable Connectors
  • 2 Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge Protector
  • 3 patch cord FTP Cat5e – 0.5m
  • 1 outdoor cabinet

The total for this installation together with the equipment is $11,600 MXN ($579.08 USD) including 16% IVA (tax). The good thing is that your first month is already included in this quote. Now, a lot of people asked us if you can re-sell your equipment to Sayulita Wifi once you are done but we haven’t heard from them. We actually just moved to a new location and we are asking them if they can buy the equipment but we have not heard from them. We will update this post once we get a response from them.

Step 4: Tech team will go back to your house for installation

In our experience, it took a week (after we paid) for them to install our WiFi. The installation process took less than 30 minutes and our super-fast wifi was ready to use! At present, Sayulita Wifi is having problems with their signal. A new fiber-optic wifi company blocked their cell towers so they are currently not accepting new applications. We don’t know how long this will take because some of our staff members are also in line to have Sayulita Wifi in their personal homes. We will update this post once we have news.

The prons and cons of Sayulita Wifi

I did mention that our wifi is super fast but as an American living in Mexico, it is so frustrating how you always get bad service from Mexico. Below are some of the good and bad things from our experience with Sayulita Wifi:

  • Pro: There is no contract. Cut your line whenever you want. As digital nomads with no permanent homes, we really don’t know how long we will stay in this area. The good thing about Sayulita Wifi is that you are not tied to a contract. You can terminate your wifi connection whenever you want. In one of our offices, we only did it for less than a year but also timed the start and end date just to maximize the monthly fee.
  • Con: Super slow responses, you’ll go nuts. So here’s the thing that we’ve accepted a long time ago: service in Mexico is not the best, let alone in a very small, laid-back town in Sayulita. There is a mañana habit that Mexico obviously got from their Spanish conquistadores. So if you are someone who’s used to working in a very professional environment, you will be stressed about this cultural practice. People here always say, “tomorrow,” but you’ll never know when that “tomorrow” will be.
Are you a digital nomad? How important is it for you to have fiber-optic WiFi, especially if you are constantly relocating? I would love to hear your thoughts! Let’s chat!


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  • thanx for the great website .
    i have been trying to get fiber optics connection from sayulita wi fi,,but as you said in your article…they are having issues and are not accepting new client at moment.
    you mentioned that their is another fiber optics company setting up shop in sayulita…can you please send me info on them,,,maybe they can connect me..

    • Hey Warren,

      Thanks for reaching out! I’m not really sure about the name of the new company. I don’t think they are already operating!

      • thanx so much for your reply trisha

        do you have any updates regarding sayulita wi fi [fiber optic network]….
        are they back functioning at 100%, or are there still interruptions?
        do you know if they will start accepting new clients anytime soon. ?
        ..[they are no longer replying to me]

        thanx for your time and help

        • If you are in Sayulita, it’s best to go to their office and talk to them. I just emailed them yesterday because we are selling our Sayulita wifi equipment. It’s with them and they did not get back to us yet. Are you already in Sayulita? How long are you staying?

          • i live in san pancho….my neighbour has sayulita wi fi..he got it a few months ago before they started having problems…
            we live on a hill that is situated close to their tower thats why we can get it over here in san pancho….unfortunatly as u know they are no longer accepting new contracts…

            i will go to their office..
            i used to live in sayulita and its great….


  • Great article. Very curious what ended up happening with Sayulita Wifi and the connection for you and BarbarianV8.

    Were they able to resolve it with the competing company? What is the new company?

    I’m thinking of moving to Sayulita and possibly San Pancho, would be great to know how it all turned out.




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