Travel with us virtually with these best Sayulita travel blogs of the year

sayulita travel blogs

Looking for the best Sayulita travel blogs? You are in the right place! Last October, we held our first ever International Travel Bloggers Tour where we invited different travel bloggers from all over the world to create content for us.

Sayulita travel blogs: an overview

The blog owners in this list are full-time travel bloggers. Meaning, they have dedicated their lives to creating content while actually earning a decent salary from it. Yes, you can totally get paid to travel the world as long as you own a high-authoritative blog!

Here are the best Sayulita travel blogs that we recommend, in no particular order. All of them offer great content!

#1: Eternal Expat

Eternal Expat is your number one resource about ex-pat living, not just in Mexico but all over the world. Laura Bronner, the blogger behind this very cool website is originally from the USA but is now traveling around Mexico.

sayulita travel blogs

Find Laura on Instagram, @eternalexpat

Laura is a voracious content creator – from updating the blogs daily to mass uploading very helpful travel guides on her Youtube channel, she is very generous with sharing travel tips. Her Sayulita travel blogs are very extensive and based on her experiences.

#2: Mady’s Escape

Mady runs Sayulita Social, an Instagram account that showcases the social life (and nightlife) in Sayulita. Mady has been living in the Riviera Nayarit area for the past few years and is constantly doing trips (including with us!) around Nayarit.

sayulita travel blogs

Find Mady on Instagram, @madyinmexico

Mady’s Instagram pictures will give you a broader look at how beautiful it is to live in Sayulita. In her stories, she shows her daily life in Sayulita as an American ex-pat.

#3: Mexico Cassie

Cassie is a full-time family travel blogger at Mexico Cassie and an award-winning author of the book, Moving to Merida: How To Successfully Move to Mexico as a Family. Originally from the United Kingdom, Cassie lives in Merida with her husband and two kids.

sayulita travel blogs

Find Cassie on Instagram, @mexicocassie

Although Mexico Cassie is a relatively new blog, she’s already traveled around Mexico and has written very informative travel guides about the country. Her most recent work with us is tailoring a guide about family travel in Sayulita.

#4: Foodie Flashpacker

Nathan is a Mexican-American who is currently living in Merida. His blog is about 100% food not just in Mexico but all over the world. Nathan is a full-time travel blogger and has eaten his way in the USA, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

sayulita travel blogs

Find Nathan on Instagram, @foodieflashpacker

During our bloggers trip in October 2020, Nathan was the only food blogger in the group so he really wrote a lot about food in Sayulita!

#5: P.S. I’m On My Way

Originally from the Philippines, Trisha left her comfortable life to travel the world at the age of 19. The bulk of her content is about solo travel, mostly encouraging women to travel on their own. She also has short stories in her blog that will inspire you to just go!

sayulita travel blogs

Find Trisha on Instagram, @psimonmyway

Trisha has been living in Sayulita for the last 2 years and her blog has been one of the authorities about Sayulita travel. You are probably familiar with her content as her Sayulita travel guide ranks on Google first page.

#6: Where Sidewalks End

Ian Ord is originally from Canada but has been residing in Oaxaca City for the last 5 years. Ian’s content is about sustainable travel so expect lots of eco-tourism content in this Sayulita travel blogs!

sayulita travel blogs

Find Ian on Instagram, @wsetravel

Together with his team at WSE Travel, Ian believes that you can always contribute and make a positive impact on responsible travel by having a travel blog. “Be the change you want to see in the world” is one of their core principles.

#7: Adventure In You

Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers run the top adventure travel blog, Adventure In You. They also have a successful business, Blogging Fast Lane, where they teach new bloggers how to easily convert travel blogs into a professional business. Their current base in Playa del Carmen.

sayulita travel blogs

Follow Anna (@itsannafaustino) and Tom (heyitstomrogers) on Instagram

Adventure In You is one of the top travel blogs in the world. Their content focuses a lot on adventure travel and couples travel. You will find many destination guides on their blog as it is not limited to Mexico content only.

#8: Sayulita Insider

Of course, we’d love to include ourselves as one of the top Sayulita travel blogs. Although we are relatively new, we have provided meaningful content about Sayulita that helped thousands of travelers plan their travels. We are the first of its kind to provide detailed guides articles about Sayulita travel.

sayulita travel blogs

Follow @sayulitainsider on Instagram.

Our work is 100% free for locals so if you want to support us, consider donating to our coffee fund! We will really appreciate it! In the next few months, we will bring you more relevant content so if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch at any time. We love making content from reader questions!

Do you follow other Sayulita travel blogs? What else can you recommend? As we continue hosting bloggers in our town, we will update this list for the best Sayulita content! Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference!
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