Sayulita Insider’s International travel bloggers trip [October 2020]

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Last October, we invited International travel bloggers to visit Sayulita and create compelling content about our beloved town. In the beginning, we had no idea how it will work as Sayulita is not a digital media destination yet. Since Sayulita is a solid brand, most businesses don’t focus on digital marketing.

As the world came to a pause in 2020, some of them realized the importance of having a stable presence in the Internet. Prior to the arrival of bloggers, we conducted an event about Influencer Marketing in Rancho Poco a Poco, a new hotspot for big group vacations, holistic retreats, and more.

In this event, we did a series of lectures to educate businesses in Sayulita about the significance of backlinks, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Google presence. For some, these words might not ring a bell but we put together a free guide on how to improve Google rankings. We used simple words in this post and we tried our best to explain them in the most understandable way.

Click here to get your free SEO and Google ranking lecture

Why invite travel bloggers to Sayulita?

Did you read the lecture? If yes, then you will realize how important travel bloggers are in promoting Sayulita as the best destination in Nayarit. We figured that if these bloggers make content in their high-rated travel blogs, it will give us lots of exposure not just in Mexico but all over the world.

Another effort we are doing is placing articles on different International websites like Forbes, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, etc. Our website is pretty young but we already created posts about Sayulita published on different platforms. Click here to see these external articles!

Of course, a big part of considering these travel bloggers is where they are coming from. Originally, we wanted to invite bloggers from the USA but because of COVID, we opted for content creators that are already based in Mexico and have an international audience.

The travel bloggers who participated

Referring to the lecture (again), these travel bloggers were vetted according to the Domain Authority (DA) of their websites. The bloggers we are invited are content professionals. They write about real experiences and real people. And they write consistently. This is how they obtain high domain authority.

Bloggers write in a narrative style, usually in the first-person (‘I visited Sayulita and did xyz’) so Google indexes their blogs as genuine experiences and gives them more credibility. External links to your site are supremely important, especially links in sites with high domain authority, such as Facebook, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, etc. DA is how trustworthy a domain (such as Sayulita Insider) is in Google’s eyes.

We would like to thank the following travel bloggers for spending 10 days with us in Sayulita. We hope you can check them out!

  1. Laura Bronner blogs at Eternal Expat, a travel blog dedicated to living a life of endless travel. Originally from the USA, Laura is currently based in Mexico City.
  2. Cassie Pearse is a full-time family travel blogger at Mexico Cassie and an award-winning author of the book, Moving to Merida: How To Successfully Move to Mexico as a Family. Originally from the United Kingdom, Cassie lives in Merida with her husband and two kids.
  3. Raphael Zurita is one of the most successful Mexican travel bloggers. He writes about his adventures at Journey Wonders (in English). His blog is followed not only by Mexicans but also by international audiences. Raphael is currently residing in Acapulco.
  4. Nathan Aguilera writes 100% food content at Foodie Flashpacker. Originally from the USA (born to a Mexican father), Nathan is currently based in Merida.
  5. Ian Ord is the Editor-in-Chief at Where Sidewalks End (WSE Travel) where he writes about sustainable travel all over the world. Ian is from Canada and has been living in Oaxaca for the past 3 years.
  6. Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers run the top adventure travel blog, Adventure In You. They also have a successful business, Blogging Fast Lane, where they teach new bloggers how to easily convert travel blogs into a professional business. Their current base in Playa del Carmen.
  7. Olga Maria blogs at Dreams in Heels, a travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring women to travel the world. After Olga’s trip with us in Sayulita, she decided to stay and live in Puerto Vallarta for an indefinite time.  She’s totally in love with PV! Olga is half Puerto Rican and Cuban who grew up in New York City.
  8. Ryan Brown is an awesome videographer and video content creator at Lost Boy Memoirs. He recently moved to Oaxaca City from the USA to explore the different parts of Mexico.

If you’re a travel blogger visiting Sayulita, we would like to host you! Check out our Sayulita Blogger Trips page to discuss the possibility of working together. We are waiting for you in Sayulita and we guarantee that you will have a great time here!

Our hosts and sponsors

This trip would have bot been possible without the help of our major sponsor, Pacifico Property. They hosted the travel bloggers in their Robalo and Dorado units and at Villas del Palmar. Casa Vecino Sayulita is another major sponsor. They were responsible to fly in the bloggers to Sayulita from all over Mexico. The travel bloggers created content for them and we’ve seen a spike in their domain authorities and Google search volume improvements after the trip! We want to thank both Pacifico Property and Casa Vecino for supporting us in this endeavor.

Along with these two, other Sayulita businesses that supported us include:

  • Kim Castillo, a Sayulita local served as our Tour Manager for the bloggers. We would like to thank her for her efforts!
  • Organi-k who provided delicious breakfast meals to our bloggers
  • Chocobanana, a breakfast institution in Sayulita also hosted our blogger meals
  • Tracie Willis and the bird aviary hosted lunch at the bird sanctuary in Sayulita
  • La Fogonera, a small food truck in Sayulita provided meals for our bloggers, too!
  • Hamburguesa Papo’s, a family-run street food cart gave free burgers to our travel bloggers
  • Public House Sayulita also opened their doors for our travel bloggers
  • Natikari Rancho Verde did a hiking tour for us
  • Magic Charters Sayulita brought the bloggers to La Cruz for a sunset cruise
  • Oceano Adventures hosted the PADI-certified bloggers (not all of them) on a diving trip in the Marietas Islands
  • Sayulita Surf School together with Izabela Pikor (a Sayulita local) gave free surfing classes to the bloggers
  • Don Pedro Palapa provided the venue for our farewell party. Local DJs Max Mignot and Alejandra played during the party, too!
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