Sayulita tequila tastings with David: the journey to creating your own path

David Vergara hosts Sayulita Insider’s newest TV show, Legendary Eats, where he goes around town trying the most unique eats. We’ve known him for a while and we are personally close to him. He is very outgoing, always has that big smile on his face waving around town like the mayor. Everybody loves him. This is David and we’d like to inspire you with his journey to creating his own path.

If you have been to Sayulita, you’ve had a drink served to you by this well-known barman at either Don Patos or Cava. Voted the Best Bartender in “The Best of Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit Reader’s Choice” in the Vallarta Tribune, David is well-known for his inspiring energy, friendly smile, and delicious cocktails.

Get to know David

David was born and raised in Mexico City where, before moving to Sayulita, he worked as a graphic designer for Fortune 500 companies. He first came to Sayulita in 2000 to visit his sister, who is a long-time resident of Sayulita. He fell in love with the chill vibes, kind people, and fun nightlife and in 2014 he decided to pack up his car, leave the big city and drive straight to our lovely seaside pueblo.

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David is a wealth of knowledge of Sayulita since he has done literally every job from working as a receptionist at the local co-working space to a property manager of some of the biggest villas in town. He found his true calling when he began working as a bartender at Don Patos and Cava. There, he received his mixology certification and became a living encyclopedia on agave distillates.

David’s favorite part of his job at Cava is creating craft cocktails and sharing his wealth of knowledge about tequila’s delicious smokey cousin, mezcal. This was where David’s company, Taste of Sayulita was born. He wanted to bring the knowledge he was sharing at the bar to people’s homes and villas to give them a private lesson on all the different agave distillates (Tequila, Mezcal and Raicilla).

How David thought of starting his own tequila tasting business in Sayulita

In March of 2020, COVID-19 shut down the world along with all of the bars and restaurants in Sayulita. Instead of looking at this as a devastating time with no work, David took this as an opportunity to build on his own brand and services business. Taste of Sayulita began with responsibly bringing the experience of the bars and restaurants to the homes and villas of people visiting during this wacky time.

David and his team come to people’s homes, hotels or villas (with masks and gloves of course) and create experiences including private bartenders, chefs, fire dancers and even a tattoo artist. This is where Taste of Sayulita’s slogan, “We bring the experience to you”, originated.

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The most unique and popular experience of this company is the 90-minute private tasting sessions of agave distillates. All of the tequila, mezcal, and raicilla served by Taste of Sayulita are made in small batches from family-run producers using organic agave. No Jose Cuervo served here folks!

There are many tequila tasting companies in the bay, but Taste of Sayulita stands apart as they serve small bites of food from the regions of the featured agave elixir. For instance, the tasting of a reposado tequila comes with a tiny birria taco, a dish common to the region where tequila is produced. The most popular tasting of mezcal, comes with bites of black beans, grasshoppers, mole sauce, locally produced-chocolate, and citrus fruit.

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To make a massive understatement, 2020 has been one heck of a year, but David and his team turned lemons into lemonade…or should we say water into mezcal? We’ll let you decide. Book your tasting today by sliding into their DMs on Instagram (@tastofsayulita) or sending them a message on their facebook page and let them bring the experience to you!

Raicilla Tasting Experience from $50 USD

This is a special trip for those who are curious to know the types of alcohol distilled from agave that are not as famous as mezcal and tequila. Raicilla is from the state of Jalisco. The types of raicilla in this tour are: tuito, estancia, puchiteca, volcanoes, and mascota.

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Book your Raisilla Tasting Experience
Mezcal Tasting (Tastes of Mexico) from $45 USD

This tasting will take you through a tour of Mexico by tasting mezcals from the different regions of this country. This tasting will include: papalometi (Puebla), espadilla lemon tea (Puebla), salmiana (San Luis Potosi), Cenizo (Durango), Cupreata (Michoacan), and sotol (Chihuahua).

Book Tastes of Mexico
Mezcal Tasting Experience (Viva Mexico) from $65 USD

For the more adventurous, David offers a special experience in Sayulita’s favorite watering hole, Cava. This experience is for 2-15 people and gives you the opportunity to taste any mezcal you want from their extensive supply, accompanied by bites from the regions of the mezcals you choose.

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Book Viva Mexico Package
Private Mezcal and Raicilla Tasting from $55 USD

A private mezcal and raicilla tasting can be done with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 20. Four to five different types of mezcal will be served in a traditional jicara, a natural cup made from the bark of the guira fruit. This earthware gives you the ancestral experience of tasting the aromas and flavors of mezcal. To better understand the intricate and vast world of mezcal, see below the different types of tastings tailored by David.

Oaxaca is the largest producer of mezcal. Due to Oaxaca’s geographical location and climate, this region is rich in varieties of wild agaves. David will let you try 4-5 wild Oaxacan mezcals on this tour.

Book your private raisilla and mezcal tasting

Private Mezcal and Raisilla Tasting

Tequila Tasting Experience (Tequilero) from $50 USD

This tasting focuses on the most common spirit derived from agave (tequila). David will introduce you to organic artisanal tequilas from Amatitan, Jalisco that have been aged 7-8 years. Tequilas blanco, reposado, añejo and reposado rose are the types of tequila in this tour.

Book Tequilero Tasting Experience
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