10 of the best Sayulita surf tours hosted by locals that you have to support

sayulita surf tours

Editor’s Note: These Sayulita surf tours are all on Airbnb experiences. We figured that you can’t really get to know your host by just looking at reviews. Since we know most of them personally, we decided to present them to you on our blog!

Hello Sayulita Insider I really love your content! I am in my 40s’ and looking into moving to Sayulita. I also want to learn how to surf. To begin my week there, I would like to sign up for a surfing lesson. Do you have any recommendations on Sayulita surf tours? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Sayulita surf tours: an overview

At Sayulita Insider, we always encourage visitors to support local. All the surf instructors, teachers, and guides here are locals. “Local” does not necessarily mean that they are Mexican but the way we measure it is by the number of years they are living and offering their professional services in Sayulita.

In this post, we assure you that all of these people (be it Canadian, American, Mexican, Argentine, etc) are true Sayulita locals. We encourage you to support them as competition with bigger companies here are strong. Sometimes, these locals don’t get enough bookings that they deserve.

The difference between booking with a local and a tour company is that you’ll also have a glimpse of the local lifestyle here. Here are the best Sayulita surf tours, guides, and instructors that you definitely should support when you visit us. We hope to see you riding the waves with them soon!

#1: Sunset surf experience on a secluded beach

We met Jonny when we did our International bloggers trip last October 2020. He is not only doing surf tours in Sayulita but he does a lot of things like sunset sailing and jungle tours. Jonny is a great guy and we have personal experiences with him so we are definitely vouching for him (as a person) and his professional services.

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sayulita surf tours

Jonny is very outgoing and has a pleasing personality. He definitely makes sure you are taken care of.

Jonny has an action-packed Sayulita surf itinerary and he’s also going to take you to secret spots in Sayulita – we have a lot! From board rental assistance to secluded surf beach tours, Jonny is a very generous guide and will definitely make sure you will learn something from his classes.

Check Jonny’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

#2: Surf with a Water Photographer

Originally from San Francisco, California, Jennifer has been living in Sayulita for more than 5 years. We personally know her at Sayulita Insider and we are assuring you that she is great at what she does. Aside from being a good surfer, she studied professional water photography and this is what she does for a living. She swims like a fish!

sayulita surf tours

Jennifer is a friend of ours at Sayulita Insider – we are totally vouching for her. She’s amazing!

If you want to surf in Sayulita and bring home memories of your trip at the same time, Jennifer will capture your first wave ride. She will edit the photos for your use. She has complete camera equipment and editing expertise. She’s one of the best photographers in town!

Check Jennifer’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

#3: Private surf lessons with a true local

Chilo is born and raised in Sayulita so he is very knowledgeable with surfing in Sayulita. He’s been playing with these waves for the last 25 years! Apart from being a professional surfer, he also has a college degree in scuba diving, a certified lifeguard, and has been competing in longboard competitions for years.

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sayulita surf tours

Equipment is included if you book a surf lesson with Chilo.

Chilo has a 5-star review on Airbnb and most of his clients rave about how attentive and kind he is. Previous guests who booked a surfing class with him also said that his instructions are very clear and easy to understand.

Check Chilo’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

#4: Custom surf tour and personal photographer

Gary has been a surf instructor in Sayulita for the last 5 years. Passionate about the surfing culture in Riviera Nayarit, Gary has successfully given lessons to people of all ages – even 80 year olds! He strongly believes that learning how to surf should not have an age limit.

sayulita surf tours

Gary believes that surfing should be for all ages. He also teaches 3-year old kids!

He bases his classes on the surf forecast (of course, he knows that better than all of us). He also considers the skill level of the participants of his class. Gary does not only hold classes in Sayulita’s main beach but can also take you to the secret spots depending on your level. His surf tours are usually 3-4 hours long.

Check Gary’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

#5: Beginners to Advanced Lesson and Tour

Cielo has been surfing for 2 years and has been teaching for 10. She has experience with running surf camps and retreats as well as coaching women on how to surf. Cielo is a certified surf instructor (International Surfing Association). She also does flat water stand up paddle classes. Cielo says her favorite students are children and women.

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sayulita surf tours

Cielo’s clients all say that she is a great motivator, especially when catching your first wave in Sayulita.

Following COVID precautions, Cielo tends to do more small group surfing lessons (1-4 people) so expect to have a focused experience. Even after your class, she will still give you advice on how to improve your surfing skills. Cielo also discusses your skills and capabilities before the class and is very transparent on what to expect with her classes/tours.

Check Cielo’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

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#6: Surf lesson in paradise

Luis has been surfing for the last 15 years, making this a big part of his lifestyle. He is very passionate about the sport and he’d like to share that strong feeling he has with his clients and guests visiting Sayulita. He spent the last year managing a surf school in Cancun but now has decided to live full-time in Sayulita. We have more surf spots than in the south!

sayulita surf tours

What’s included in Luis’ tour: Surfboard, rash guard, and locker.

Luis does his classes in both English and Spanish. He has a 5-star rating on Airbnb and all his reviews are very solid. In his classes, he focuses on improving your surf techniques, at the same time having fun! His lessons usually take 1.5 – 2 hours, first practicing on the shore then taking you to the ocean for a great ride!

Check Luis’ listing on Airbnb experiences »

#7: Surf and Yoga with Leah in Sayulita

Originally from Vancouver, Leah has over 18 years of experience in teaching yoga. She has been surfing since she was a teenager and is a registered/certified open water lifeguard. Her Sayulita surf tours include yoga and stand up paddling lessons as well.

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sayulita surf tours

Please note outdoor activities carry risks, and you may be exposed to dangerous situations as part of this experience. Make sure you can participate safely given your abilities and the conditions (such as location, weather, and equipment).

Leah offers group and individual surfing lessons in Sayulita. She believes that yoga and surf come hand in hand that’s why it’s very important for her to incorporate wellness activities in her surf lessons.

Check Leah’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

#8: La Lancha Beach Surf Experience

Javier moved from Guadalajara to Sayulita in 2005 and like most people, he fell in love with our town and never left. He is a big fan of the outdoors and if he’s not surfing, he’s biking and doing outdoor activities. His life goal was to live closer to nature and surf. Sayulita is the right place for that!

sayulita surf tours

La Lancha is one of our most favorite sunset spots in the area, just about 25 minutes from Sayulita. It’s pretty hard to go there on your own but Javier will guide you all the way! To get to La Lancha, you will do a beautiful 15-minute jungle hike. We promise you’ll love it!

Check Javier’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

#9: Personalized Surf Experiences

Born in Pascuales, which is also a great place for surfing in Mexico, Alfredo has been surfing for the last 24 years without missing a day. He has over 10 years of coaching experience and has helped a lot of aspiring surfers to be good at their craft.

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sayulita surf tours

Alfredo is a new Airbnb host but he’s already given a few surfing lessons outside of the platform. He normally takes his clients to Punta de Mita, another great surf spot just 25 minutes from Sayulita. We also have an Insider brand in Punta de Mita, coming soon and we plan to feature Alfredo’s story on our website.

Check Alfredo’s listing on Airbnb experiences »

#10: Lastly, our favorite that’s not on Airbnb experiences is Sayulita Surf School!

Sergio and her daughter have been working with us at Sayulita Insider. They host our International travel blogger trips and our bloggers always say they have a good time with Sergio. This family is very down to earth and has always treated all of us with kindness.

sayulita surf school

He is patient, kind, and very passionate not just with surf but with Sayulita. Get to know Sergio and his family by reading our article this article, written by one of our UK Bloggers, Cassie Pearse.

Have you been to Sayulita? Did you take a surf tour? Which one of these individuals do you like the most? Share your tips about Sayulita surf tours in the comment box below and help other travelers find the right surfing classes in Sayulita.

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