Sayulita delivery culture is growing and they’re here to save the day!

Sayulita restaurants that deliver

Editor’s full disclosure: We were not compensated by any of these Sayulita restaurants that deliver to publish anything about them. All opinions are our own and based on our experiences from years of living in Sayulita.

We are visiting Sayulita for the first time and we don’t really want to go out. I noticed how people don’t wear masks here! Can you give us a list of Sayulita restaurants that deliver? We really want to shy away from the big crowds but we just arrived here. We do not know a lot about the town yet. Thank you so much!

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Food delivery in Sayulita: is it a thing?

Not really. Sayulita is a small town so there are only a few Sayulita restaurants that deliver. In fact, when I first moved here, I did not know any! The thing with small towns in Sayulita is that everything is walkable so there this delivery service is an add-on for businesses.

Sayulita does not have Uber or Didi Eats if you are wondering. These features only work in nearby cities like Puerto Vallarta but in Sayulita, it’s still not a thing.

At the beginning of the pandemic, more restaurants started to deliver. It’s either they have their own motorbikes or they pay a repartidor, a Spanish word for delivery guys. Repa is a third-party delivery, usually in the form of a motorbike, which restaurants pay separately. The usual repa rate in Sayulita is 50 pesos ($2.50 USD). Most Sayulita restaurants that deliver might charge you for it as an extra. Others include it as long as you order a minimum purchase price (example, 200 pesos).

Sayulita restaurants that deliver: how our Editors came up with the list

As residents of Sayulita, we’ve been following these deliveries during the beginning of the pandemic. We really wanted Sayulita to have a delivery system and somehow hoped that someone will create an app but it’s still in a growing phase.

There are only a few on this list but we made sure that we tried them all. We based our judgment on the following:

  • Response time and ordering process: Most phone numbers of the Sayulita restaurants that deliver are not accurate. They never update them! Our town is not yet big on social media so a lot of businesses here do not update their online presence. Sometimes, they will answer the phone. Other times, they will respond via Facebook and Instagram. In this article, we will also include the best way to contact each of these restaurants and what method. I swear, they all respond on different platforms!
  • Sustainability, use of non-biodegradable materials, etc: Unfortunately, many businesses in Sayulita are still using the ugly and damaging styrofoam. And this is a no-no for us! In this list, we carefully selected those who are using sustainable materials like biodegradable tupperware and utensils. If you are staying in an Airbnb where there is cutlery available, we encourage you to tell them not to include spoon and fork in your order. Otherwise, they will just do it automatically.
Ordering through the phone

The bulk of these Sayulita restaurants that deliver usually respond faster through the phone. Some are good with Facebook and Instagram orders but the most effective, in our experience is by calling directly. If you don’t have a Mexican sim card, you can direct dial these numbers using your Canadian or American sim. We also indicated which restaurants speak English and Spanish.

We won’t go into details about the food but we will explain to you how to order, wait time, and quality of food upon arrival. Here are our top picks of Sayulita restaurants that deliver!

#1: Achara (Thai Food)

The best way to order at Achara is through Facebook messenger. They always respond fast and confirms the order immediately. You will see their “very responsive” badge on Facebook! At the beginning of COVID, we had a hard time contacting them because their opening hours were not fixed but now that everything is back to normal, you can order from Achara anytime! They don’t use styrofoam and their plastic bags are biodegradable.

Sayulita restaurants that deliver

Photo: Achara Thai Sayulita

Delivery fee: free for orders over $400 MXN ($20 USD)
Wait time: 40 minutes (20 minutes on weekdays and dead hours)
Language: English and Spanish

#2: La Rustica (Pizza/pasta)

La Rustica responds through Whatsapp. The number is +52 322 100 7379. They don’t respond that fast so what we do whenever we order is type, “hola” first. See if the message went through (double check) and wait for their reply. If they don’t respond, then it means they are still closed. You can also direct dial their number but if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s better to write via Whatsapp. They do speak English but sometimes, text is just easier to understand.

Sayulita restaurants that deliver

Photo: La Rustica Sayulita

You can also place your other through their Facebook page but I doubt that they will respond fast. La Rustica is a family restaurant and it’s always full from breakfast to dinner so expect delays in orders.

Delivery fee: $0 (please tip the guy!)
Wait time: 40 minutes to 1 hour
Language: English and Spanish

#3: Sayulita Public House (Burgers)

Sayulita Public House has its own delivery portal on its website. We only used it once since it took them a while to receive the order through the portal. What works faster is calling their phone number, +52 329 291 3712. Please note that in Nayarit, 329 numbers are landlines. You won’t be able to send a text or Whatsapp to this number.

Sayulita restaurants that deliver

Public House is also active on social media but we have not tried ordering through these channels. We cannot comment on the process of ordering through Public House’s Facebook and Instagram.

Delivery fee: $2.51 USD ($50 MXN)
Wait time: 40 minutes
Language: English and Spanish

#4: Don Pedro’s (Mexican, Western)

Super fast response through Facebook! We order at Don Pedro’s once a week just because they are very attentive with their Messenger. It usually is very convenient if you are really hungry and don’t want to wait long. Their Facebook response rate is gold!

Sayulita restaurants that deliver

Delivery fee: $0 (please tip the guy!)
Wait time: 25 minutes
Language: English and Spanish

#5: Deposito Ashley (beers)

Now, this is not a restaurant but we figured to include it in this list because maybe you’ll want your beers delivered to your accommodations in Sayulita. At the beginning of COVID, ley seca (Mexico’s term for liquor ban) was on and off. We almost did not go out all June so discovering beer delivery in Sayulita was super convenient!

Ceci, the woman who owns this store does not speak English but if you are clear with your order (ex: 6-pack Pacifico), she will understand it. Please make sure to include your address, too! You can send a message to Ceci via Whatsapp: +52 322 118 4578.

Delivery fee: $0 (please tip the guy!)
Wait time: 5 minutes
Language: Spanish

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