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sayulita property manager

Hello, Sayulita Insider! Thank you for the blog. We are an American couple that spend half the year in Mexico and half in the USA. My question is can you recommend a Sayulita property manager for our Airbnbs? We currently have a few in town and also in San Pancho but we do not know who to trust in terms of property management. We definitely don’t want to stress about this while we are away so please help us! Thanks a lot.

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In this strange time we are living in, where everything is digital, as a property owner, you find less and less time to take care of your business or even update yourself on the latest travel accommodation trends. We get a lot of inquiries about the best property manager in Sayulita but honestly, it’s getting hard to vouch for people who actually know what they are doing and are certified when it comes to getting the job done.

There are many property owners who enjoy management on their own but we also know a lot who get exhausted about the many things that entail property management, particularly Airbnbs. Sayulita has a big Airbnb culture and we’ve somehow investigated the nitty-gritty when it comes to finding the right people.

We asked a few property owners and here’s what we found out about their top issues as an Airbnb host/property owner:

#1: Bad experiences with dishonest cleaners

Do you feel like you’re just always changing your Airbnb cleaner in Sayulita frequently? Why is it so hard to find the right person to trust? Unfortunately, there are a few property owners in Sayulita who have expressed their concerns about trust when it comes to money and making sure that nothing gets stolen/missing in their properties.

#2: Poor check-in/check-out experience because of miscommunication

Sayulita addresses are often very inaccurate and this makes a lot of property owners feel the need to repeatedly explain their location whenever there’s check-in. Lots of guests get lost which leads to bad reviews on accommodation booking platforms.

sayulita property manager

Airbnb reports state that “guests not reading instructions” is the number 1 problem for hosts.

#3: Guests not reading all the information.

We know. Your guests only care about arriving and are often excited about their vacation so much they forget to read your property description. And we know you took a lot of time in writing it, and yet, nobody reads it. Like #2 above, your response to this issue is to repeat, repeat, and repeat everything even if it’s already written in your online listing. Tiring, right?

#4: Amenity problems during the stay

What if the shower broke? What if there’s no water? There are many unexpected issues during the guest’s stay. More often than not, property owners always expect that nothing will go wrong and that they will not have to waste time when the guests are already checked-in. Unfortunately, in a town like Sayulita, you will come across lots of problems (electricity surge, no water) so you will always find yourself going back and forth to the property. The next thing you know, it’s already sunset time and the day already went by. Yep, we hate that, too.

#5: Guests dislike the host and vice-versa

Come on. You are only human. You cannot possibly have a good day every day. You probably had a lot of bad days and have unconsciously transmitted negative energies with your guests. We understand – property management is tiring. You cannot possibly have a smile on your face all the time. When things happen like this and it’s not the host’s intention (again, just a bad day), guests tend to leave a bad or negative review which results in lower star ratings for your property.

sayulita property manager

Hiring a property manager is always the best move for your business.

Don’t beat yourself up. There is no crash course on how to perfect property management or being an Airbnb super host. But honestly, if you want to live a less stressful life while still earning money, there is a solution.

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CoHost, your ultimate Sayulita property manager

Founded in Italy, CoHost arrived in Mexico in January 2021 to provide better property management services all over Mexico. They have a team of expert hosts from Europe and all over the world who will make sure that you won’t need to worry about your property while you’re away on vacation. They are very passionate about world travel hospitality and they always strive to be excellent in the services they provide to their clients.

CoHost Services

Below are some of the services that CoHost offers. These services are totally customizable so if you feel like there’s an item missing in these offerings, let us know in the comment box below and we will get in touch!

Impressive check-in/check-out experience

Only some of the vacation rentals in Sayulita offer self check-in. This is because lots of addresses in Sayulita are not accurate so hosts do not trust this system yet. We are still in the old school process of meeting the guests, handing the keys, checking them in/out. We understand you may not have the time to do this three times a week – it’s a total waste of time. CoHost can do this for you as their staff is very pleasant and experienced.

sayulita property manager

Vacation rental reviews online show that check-in/out experience is very important to vacationers.

Not to mention you are not required to put on a happy face during those bad days. Their check-in experience also includes brief Sayulita travel tips sessions from CoHost’s staff with very pleasing personalities (aka very likable). It is guaranteed that your guest will give you positive feedback!

Efficient cleaning services

Because of COVID-19, a lot of accommodation booking platforms online have required hosts to certify their cleaning protocols. Unfortunately, not a lot of people follow this rule – most of us are still sticking to our old ways. CoHost’s trained cleaners will make your property squeaky clean just in time for check-in. You probably have very bad experiences looking for cleaners in Sayulita (or constantly changing them). We know. We’ve been there too.

Laundry and linen rentals

Laundry is another crazy expense in Sayulita. They are not cheap. If your property (or your personal home) does not have a washing machine, you always find yourself paying big bucks for lavanderias but CoHost can also take care of that. Whenever a guest needs extra sheets, you don’t have to stress yourself running to the property or paying extra for a rush laundry service. Yes, you can rent high-quality sheets from CoHost, too!

sayulita property manager

What guests look forward to during their vacation: fresh, clean, sheets.

Booking platform management

The reason why most owners don’t reach the SuperHost status on Airbnb is that they do not respond in real-time and do not interact with guests’ inquiries right away. We know that you don’t have a lot of time and managing different platforms can be very confusing, tedious, and overwhelming. CoHost can do that for you and the good thing is they can speak different languages! Misunderstandings on booking platforms are often the result of language barriers. Many tourists from all over the world come to Sayulita so if you do not speak their language, they definitely won’t stay with you.

Extra services

CoHost’s services are customizable according to your branding needs. Below are some of the additional services that you might be interested in:

  • Professional listing creation online: properly set-up your account and optimize them to appear more on booking searches. Professional photography is also included
  • Home-staging with CoHost’s architect: do you need help in design? Staging for pictures? CoHost can do this with their very professional architects
  • House-sitting: going away on a trip and leaving pets behind? CoHost’s professional housesitters are here to the rescue!

In the beginning, you might feel like this is such an easy task. The thing with property management, especially in busy touristic towns in Sayulita is that you look at the tasks on a small scale. But once it all piles up, you will find yourself drowning in a lot of issues and losing your control.

Get in touch with CoHost by leaving a comment below. They will get in touch with you right away!

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