Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Sayulita 2020

sayulita new year 2020

Editor’s Note: We received a lot of questions about where to spend Sayulita New Year 2020 and we finally gathered a few places. Please note that we will continue to update this post as we go. Additionally, the fireworks image above is just a representation. This was not actually taken in Sayulita but we’ll make sure to take one this year!

Hello! My friend and I are looking for a place where to go for New Year in Sayulita?. Do you know any places? We have an Airbnb but we’d like to eat out and join the fun! We haven’t been out a lot because COVID and Sayulita bars are always packed. But for NYE, we definitely want to go somewhere! Thank you for all your blogs and have a nice day!

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Sayulita New Year 2020: what’s happening?

We were very sad when the day of the dead was canceled in Sayulita this year. It’s one of the most festive events that we always dress up for. COVID really changed everything this year! A lot of people are asking us if the holidays in Sayulita will be equally fun (last year, we really had a blast even if we don’t remember most of it!). But let us give you an overview of what’s happening this year.

So, day of the dead was quote and quote canceled. It was all over the news. Even Puerto Vallarta implemented a lockdown from October 30 – November 14, 2020. But what we found out from living in Sayulita is that this town is unstoppable. The only thing that wasn’t allowed during day of the dead is the installation of ofrendas (an altar that Mexicans make for their departed loved ones) in the plaza and the streets of Sayulita.

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new year in sayulita 2020

Sayulita is the best place for New Year parties in the area! (Photo not taken in Sayulita; representation)

Parties still continued. People still dressed up and did their day of the dead make-up. Everything was super normal. Since we know how the government chooses to announce last-minute lockdowns/quarantines/shut down/closing (we don’t even know what to call it anymore), we hope that in New Year in Sayulita 2020 will push through.

Right now, we feel like it’s going to happen so here’s a list of places in Sayulita for New Year’s Eve. Note that the following places in this list were the only ones who got in touch with us about their parties. We’ll continue to update this closer to the date!

Disclaimer: We were not compensated by these places to publish their New Year’s Eve activities. The purpose of this post is to answer a question from a reader. We always declare complimentary trips/stays that we are involved in. All opinions in this post are our own.

Si Señor

Si Señor is one of our favorite spots to spend New Year in Sayulita because it’s right by the beach. You get a front-row seat to the fireworks and all the town’s festivities! Our friends at Si Señor Sayulita informed us that they are going to have a New Year’s Eve dinner menu.

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New Year in Sayulita 2020

Si Señor Sayulita has the best views on the southside.

Priced at $1,900 MXN ($95 USD), they will be serving the following:

  • Appetizer: beet dip with mascarpone cheese on a patty case and saffron shrimp
  • Cream: braised nuts with Bailey’s, brie cheese cream with chardonnay essence, truffle oil, and garlic crouton with almond crust
  • Main: beef petals on mashed potatoes with parsley and bacon, pepper sauce, grilled Caribbean lobster with creamy rice, and grilled vegetables
  • Dessert: apple pie with Bailey’s cream, berries, and white chocolate
Click here for directions to SI SENOR SAYULITA

Frente al Punto

Frente Al Punto has been the hotspots of any event in Sayulita this year. Their grassy outdoor area gives confidence to people who are worried about COVID. It is really spacious and is right in front of the Sayulita main beach.

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new year in sayulita 2020

Like Si Señor, Frente al Punto is also by the beach but on the northside of town.

According to Frente, they will be doing a special 3-course dinner at their VIP terrace from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. At the open garden, they will have 4 DJs (to be announced) from 6:00 pm until late. We are still waiting for Frente al Punto’s dinner menu for New Year in Sayulita 2020 so stay tuned! We promise to update this post but we hope to see you in Frente!

Click here to get directions to Frente Al Punto

Coco’s Beach Club

Coco’s have informed us they will not be serving dinner but they are currently planning their New Year’s Eve party. Based on our experience, parties at Coco’s are always packed and fun. To date, they only told us that they will be having their ‘normal Friday parties.’

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new year in sayulita 2020

Lounge by day, crazy party by night. See you in Coco’s!

We’re sure they are going to bring some DJs from outside Sayulita as they always do. Coco’s is also right in front of the beach so you’ll have a great view of the fireworks!

Click here to get directions to Coco’s Beach Club

El Tiburon

We are going to be here for New Year’s Eve and we already have a table! Last season, they were a rabbit. This season, they’re a shark! Formerly El Conejo (rabbit in Spanish), El Tiburon Sayulita will be hosting a dinner buffet. You can reserve a table by swinging by their place.

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new year in sayulita 2020

We will be here for dinner! See you!

You don’t have to pay a reservation fee but in the case that you don’t arrive on time for your reservation (or cancel your reservation), El Tiburon will charge $100 MXN ($5 USD). There is also a $250 MXN ($13 USD) door charge for their live DJ sets by Groovewell (San Francisco, CA) and Devoncino (Waking Dream). A welcome tequila shot is included in this fee!

Click here to get directions to El Tiburon Sayulita


If you’re new to Sayulita, you should know that all roads always lead to Yambak. Perfectly located in the plaza, Yambak is the landmark and the meeting spot for party-goers. You won’t miss it – it’s super iconic!

new year in sayulita 2020

Photo: @sayulitasocial

Yambak have not informed us yet but knowing them, we are sure they’re going to bring some amazing music for a great New Year’s Eve party in Sayulita! However, we need to inform you that this is not a place for having a New Year’s Eve dinner. It’s 100% party, craft beers, and music!

Well, if you don’t plan to eat, you can always order a taco from their neighbor, Tacos Ivan.

Where are you going to spend your Sayulita New Year 2020? Is there any place that we can add to the list? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comment box below and let’s chat!
sayulita new year 2020

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