This local chef from Argentina started a private breakfast service in Sayulita

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If you are an experienced backpacker, you know that you will find Argentines in many places around the world, especially in Mexico. Argentines are certified backpackers and in today’s series, we want to introduce you to Macarena – a Sayulita local chef from Argentina who moved to Sayulita.

Along with that, we are also very familiar with the culture of Argentines obsessed with their bread. They eat bread with everything! This love for bread encouraged Macarena to study baking in Argentina. After her studies, she traveled to European countries like UK, France, and Germany. In France, she had the privilege to work with a French bakery and this made her gain more experiences in the field of baking. Imagine working under a French chef!

It was kind of a culinary exchange since Macarena is an expert with Argentine empanadas. They surely loved it in France! She also had the opportunity to go backpacking in Chile and Brazil with bakery jobs on the side.

Two years ago, Macarena finally arrived in Sayulita. She told us she wasn’t really aware of where Sayulita was. Her cousin who previously traveled to our pueblo highly recommended that she visit Sayulita. She then started researching about Sayulita and fell in love just with the pictures that she saw online.

As soon as she arrived, the pictures never failed. Sayulita looked exactly how she expected it. Days of backpacking in Sayulita turned to weeks. Then it turned into months. Like most people whose original intent was to just visit Sayulita for a vacation, Macarena fell in love and decided to live here permanently.

Sayulita is definitely a place for entrepreneurs. It is very easy to go your own way here, doing what you love. I think this is the reason why most people stay, she shared.

At Sayulita Insider, we all have our own entrepreneurial jobs and we second Macarena on her opinion about being an entrepreneur here. People from all over the world who are yoga teachers, health coaches, surf champions, etc come here to do their own thing. We really feel like this is the perfect pueblo for entrepreneurs!

Last year, Sayulita local chefs redefined food as selling from home take-off during the pandemic. Macarena is one of them. We met Macarena when we dined in a luxury restaurant she was working in. This restaurant is very picky with staff so we knew that Macarena had the skills.

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During COVID, all the bakeries in Sayulita closed (there weren’t even a lot!) and Macarena struggled to survive a day without bread. She did not have the equipment to achieve a properly baked bread (her standards for herself are really high) so she went around asking who can lend her their kitchen. Luckily, one of her friends has a fully-equipped kitchen and it made her baking so much easier.

Realizing her capability to run her own business, Macarena quit her restaurant job and started offering a breakfast service at home for tourists who do not want to go out. Professionally laid out in your Airbnb’s dining table, Macarena gives excellent service to her clientele and we feel like, in the next few months, she’s the one to watch out for.

Help her business do better by trying her breakfast service that you can book with us!

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