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sayulita hostels

Editor’s Note: These Sayulita hostels did not pay us to write a review about them. We always disclose our partnerships and we make sure that we only recommend those we have experiences in. At Sayulita Insider, our goal is to deliver honest and transparent journalism.

Very informative blog, guys! Very very helpful so thank you! We are two Swedish backpackers looking to stay in Sayulita. Our budget is $20 USD per night or less for each of us. Do you know any Sayulita hostels that are decent? What are Sayulita hostels like? We’ve traveled loads in Mexico and have been to very awful hostels. We hope you can give an honest recommendation!

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Are Sayulita hostels on 100% capacity?

Unfortunately, yes. COVID in Sayulita is not taken that seriously. In fact, you can even go around here without a face mask. We did experience town when it was only on 30% capacity but after a while, that rule died down.

If you are looking to stay in hostels in Sayulita, please expect all dorms to be full, especially now that we are in high season (November – May). We’re really sorry that this article has to start with this!

Do Sayulita hostels offer tours and activities?

Yes, they do! Most Sayulita hostels offer surf trips and almost 100% of them have yoga classes. The good thing about staying in a Sayulita hostel is that you will be able to make friends and find people to do things with, even if you are traveling alone!

Most hostels do surf trips together. / Photo: La Redonda Sayulita

The hostel people go out together to experience Sayulita’s nightlife. You will rarely have to do things by yourself and information about Sayulita is easier to obtain when you are staying in hostels. We guarantee you that it’s super fun!

Are Sayulita hostels cheap?

Sayulita definitely has the reputation to be an expensive Mexican town. Hotel rooms always start at $40 USD, sometimes super far from town. Beachfront accommodations are definitely extra expensive but in this post, we are only putting hostels in Sayulita that are less than $25 USD per night. Please take note that the prices in this post are per person, per night, per bed in a dorm.

sayulita hostels

Tropical vibes in Sayulita. / Photo: The Amazing Hostel Sayulita

Also please don’t complain about the amenities. We often hear a lot of people complain about their hostels in Sayulita but think about it – you are paying less than $20 USD per night. You get what you pay for. If you don’t want to complain, then feel free to stay in luxury accommodations in Sayulita. The town has plenty and it is actually known for this type of stay.

Booking a hostel in Sayulita: which platform is the best?

In our experience, backpackers don’t have a fixed travel date and everything is always changing so in this Sayulita hostels guide, we are recommending, Agoda, and Hostelworld.

Booking through these platforms lets you pay at the property and it doesn’t charge your credit card right away, except for Hostelworld that charges a certain percentage of fees upon booking. Here are the best Sayulita hostels that we recommend together with our honest review and experience with them!

La Redonda Hostel – from $15 USD

La Redonda Hostel is a super centric hostel that is home to young backpackers from all over the world. This hostel houses solo travelers who are looking for company. It really is very easy to make friends in this hotel! The people in this hostel do activities together like surfing on nearby beaches (La Lancha, Punta Burro, and El Anclote in Punta de Mita).

La Redonda’s dorm room options: 4,6,8 and 10 beds. All dorms have individual lockers, power plugs, fans, and bed lights. Breakfast is also included in the nightly price!

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sayulita hostels

La Redonda Hostel guarantees 100% fun and meeting people! / Photo: La Redonda

This hostel is definitely not for you if you don’t want to party. We received many comments from our readers (and of course, experience it ourselves) that sleeping is impossible here if that’s your only mission to visit Sayulita. But if you’re up for meeting locals and going out and about, stay in this hostel!

La Redonda Hostel Reviews

Positive rating by user @jennalaurita2224:I stayed at LaRedonda for 6 days and had an absolute blast. The staff at this hostel are amazing and really make you feel like you belong (I was travelling solo). The layout of the hostel is also great, it has a lot of common space to meet people and be social. Breakfast is also included and made by the kitchen staff and is delicious. I would highly recommend this hostel when in Sayulita.”

Negative rating by user @andypv159467: “Huge party hostel, music won’t stop until 5 in the MORNING. Disappointing breakfast, not good at all. Worst roommates ever. They would turn the lights on and off even if some of the roommates were asleep.”

Check La Redonda Hostel’s prices on: HostelWorld | Agoda

My Sister’s House: All-women hostel from $15 USD

This is the first (and the only) all-women hostel in Sayulita. When we first heard that they were opening, we were quite thrilled about the idea so we went to check out their daily yoga classes to have a feel of the place.

sayulita hostels

Beautiful and chick design for an all-women’s hostel in Sayulita. / Photo: My Sister’s House

They have a big garden and terrace for activities. The design is very modern (Tulum-ish, Bali-ish) and it’s really a great, quiet spot in town. Fortunately, this is not a party hostel as their yoga classes start every day from 7:00 am so if you are a woman and wants peace and quiet, My Sister’s House is the place for you! You can also hire a bike from them. Sayulita Main beach is about a 5-minute walk, as well as the plaza.

Check My Sister’s House’s Prices on: BOOKING.COM

Blue Pepper Beds – from $10 USD

This is a new hostel and we have to be honest, we have not stayed here. But we’ve seen the place and have a few feedback from our friends who experienced Blue Pepper Beds. It is located close to the bus station of Sayulita (5 minutes walk) and is ideal for backpackers on a budget who are looking for a quiet but decent place.

sayulita hostels

Basic, cheap, and yet comfortable hostel in Sayulita. / Photo: Blue Pepper Beds

Digital nomads, they have a Telmex fiber-optic wifi but we have not really assessed the speed. Will tell you more when we visit! This is a non-smoking hostel with no curfews, 24-hour reception, and no curfews. Pets are not allowed though. It’s close to the town’s cafes, restaurants, bars, and the beach is within 5 minutes walking distance.

Check Blue Pepper Bed’s prices on: Hostelworld | Agoda |

The Amazing Hostel Sayulita – from $15 USD

Not our favorite but of course, we do have good things to say about it, too! The Amazing Hostel Sayulita’s location is perfect, for starters. Located at Pelicano’s Street which is just a 3-minute walk to the beach (literally just one straight street!). This area is also very local so expect to be in a very Mexican environment.

sayulita hostels

We love their pool area! / Photo: The Amazing Hostel Sayulita

They have a nice pool where they do barbeque parties. From the last time we visited, they used to host crazy parties but now, we don’t hear them anymore or maybe because none of us live in the area. We really don’t have the current news on them but we always meet a lot of people staying in this hostel. They have great things to say!

Check The Amazing Hostel’s prices on: Hostelworld | Agoda |
Have you been to Sayulita? Which hostel did you stay in? If you’ve never been, which of these Sayulita hostels you feel like you’re going to stay in? We would love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in the comment box below!
sayulita hostels

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