This group made free food for local families in response to COVID-19

sayulita free food drive
Sayulita Insider began with a town. A Pueblo Mágico on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. It is a beach destination like many others with lush rainforest jungles, picturesque beaches, and surf waves, but what truly makes Sayulita special is the people. From all around the world, people have made Sayulita their own, and formed a conscious community of people who help one another and do their best to preserve the natural beauty of this place we call home. Our first video aired during a full-town lockdown as a contingency plan to confront the Coronavirus pandemic and featured a group of women who organized an effort to offer free food to anyone who needed it. As a town whose economy is nearly totally reliant on tourism for its income, the worldwide stay-home orders and halt on global travel, Sayulita has been particularly hard-hit by international quarantines.

As Mónika Ortega, one of the organizers of the free food initiative noted, “In Sayulita, we live day-to-day, and none of us have a steady income. It’s our responsibility to take care of one another.” Over 20 volunteers have since joined the effort, buying and donating food, cooking, and serving meals to hundreds of people five days a week.

The food service runs from 2pm to about 3pm, or until the food is gone, from Monday to Friday, and it has even inspired a couple other local restaurants to participate, offering free food to supplement the food on offer at the drive.

With bars and restaurants shuttered for the pandemic, many bartenders and other hospitality staff have joined the effort, working to feed the many hungry mouths waiting in line for the day’s fare. Donations of food and cash are accepted at the drive, and some generous fishers share their day’s catch with the team.

Sayulita free food drive update

Sayulita is open again which means more people in the community are back to work – yipee! The Sayulita free food drive will end this September. It run from May 2020 and we want to thank Monika and the rest of the crew for their service and unconditional love they have given to the pueblo. It really is amazing to be part of this wonderful community!

Watch our Sayulita free food drive video on Youtube!

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  • What a fantastic initiative! More groups should follow the trend of helping those in need. It’s always fun to read about groups that really make a difference, thank you for sharing!

  • This initiative was very inspiring to me. I have volunteered for food banks and other initiatives in the past and find that volunteer work is the most rewarding way to give back to your community and to other communities in need. I love to read about groups making an impact on others. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

  • I would love to visit Sualita, as I love beach destination with lush rainforest jungles, picturesque beaches, and surf waves. It seems to be a perfect destination for holidays after the pandemic. And it’s fantastic that the locals are so friendly and helpful. The free food program is awe-inspiring! Wonderful initiative in these hard times.

  • Jennifer Prince
    October 21, 2020 13:54

    This is amazing! I love to see communities taking care of each other like this. So many other places could learn a lot from their generosity.

  • The pandemic has hit communities hard and it’s so heart warming to learn about this initiative. How wonderful that the community has pulled together to help those who need food and support during this uncertain time. Excellent work!

  • This is such a amazing thing to read about today. Locals taking care of each other and a free-food drive that ran so long to feed each and everyone in the city of Sayulita. These stories give me hope that goodness is still alive in the world today. I would love to visit Sayulita some day and meet up with these lovely people.

  • Subhashish Roy
    October 25, 2020 08:07

    The free food program is such a great initiative. I feel the pandemic has apart from the troubles also given opportunities to us do some selfless service. I love places which have good people and probably could visit Sayulita just for that. But with the beaches around maybe someday soon I would definitely make it there.

  • First of all this group of women really needs a salute from me. It is amazing to see this kind of humanity during this pandemic and without thinking selfishly this group is selflessly helping those in need. Distributing free food is really a godly act and in India we consider it as the biggest prayer we can offer to God. Good you showcased them on your blog as they really need appreciation from all of us.

  • Reading such articles is really good for the soul. This is a truly great initiative and restore my faith in humanity. By the way, I’ve never heard about Sayulita, I’m definitely saving it for a future trip 🙂


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