Dear visitors, please take a COVID test as soon as you arrive Sayulita

sayulita covid test

Editor’s full disclosure: Our Sayulita COVID test for our staff is complimentary, courtesy of Punta Mita Hospital (PMH). We do blogger trips regularly and PMH worked with us not only with COVID testing but also on ways how to disseminate information about COVID not just in Sayulita but the whole Riviera Nayarit. All opinions are our own and are based on our experience.

Hi there! I found your blog since I am coming to Sayulita soon and wanted to learn about the covid situation there. I’m curious where I can get tested for covid once I am in town? I will have negative tests before arriving but want to get one after being there for a few days since it will indicate if I got sick during my flight. I can’t find the post where you showed this info but I know you mentioned it at some point! Any help would be very appreciated!

Questions about Sayulita? We always answer reader questions so if you have any, feel free to email us at sayulitainsider[at]gmail[dot]com or send us a message through our channels below:


Sayulita COVID situation: an overview

We receive a lot of e-mails and Instagram messages about the COVID situation in Sayulita. At Sayulita Insider, we aspire to deliver honest journalism to our readers. First off, Sayulita does not have heavy COVID precautions. You can go around without masks and very few places require masks upon entry.

The good thing about Sayulita is that the lifestyle is very outdoorsy. Everyone is surfing, hanging out on the beach, or hiking in the jungle. There is a lot of space for everyone and you won’t find yourself in a cramped place unless you party every night in bars and don’t care about COVID.

sayulita covid test

Sayulita during our first lockdown, April 2020

We are not encouraging you to travel to Sayulita during COVID but if you do, travel at your own risk. Sayulita, together with the whole of Mexico accepts tourists from all over the world (including Americans) but we cannot guarantee your safety since we do not have precautions here. Wearing masks is optional and based on the individual.

It is highly encouraged to quarantine for 2 weeks then get a COVID test in Sayulita. Though it is not required, we hope that you will be responsible when visiting our town. We have lots of locals here who are vulnerable and they are the only ones providing for their families. If one of them gets sick, their whole family is affected so please help us with responsible (COVID) tourism in Sayulita. We will really appreciate it!

Sayulita COVID test: where to get it

In Sayulita, there is only one hospital and one health center. But today, we will share our Sayulita COVID test experience with Punta Mita Hospital. PMH has a new COVID isolation unit apart ready to serve the community in a safe environment. They also brand themselves as one of the best hospitals for medical tourism in Mexico.

sayulita covid test

Punta Mita Hospital offers state of the art technology and is famous for medical tourism.

Nayarit can be an underdeveloped state compared to other Mexican states but Punta Mita Hospital has state of the art technology to provide excellent health care especially to foreigners. Don’t worry, they all speak perfect English if your Spanish is rusty.

PMH is about 20 minutes from Sayulita by car. The taxi rate from Sayulita to Punta Mita range from $500 – $700 MXN ($25 – $35 USD). You can also take a bus for $1 USD but if you’re not comfortable being with other people in public transport, the taxi is your best choice.

Home service Sayulita COVID test with Punta Mita Hospital

At first, we were very reluctant in taking the tests in the hospital. During our first test, there were 15 of us so PMH offered their home service COVID testing. They went to our Airbnb and did rapid testing. It only took 15 minutes to get the results.

Two of our staff tested positive during the antibodies test (rapid testing) so PMH suggested that they take the PCR, a higher level of COVID testing. They were brought to PMH after our home service test, took the PCR and within 24 hours tested negative.

sayulita covid test

Ian Ord, our colleague from WSE Travel (Oaxaca) joined our Sayulita COVID test with Punta Mita Hospital.

Apparently, you can test positive with antibodies if you already had COVID before. The doctors can also determine the stage you are in – in our staff case, they were already in Stage 4 so it is not contagious. They were immediately cleared for quarantine and were able to join us back in the office.

Sayulita COVID test fees

Unfortunately, COVID tests in Mexico are not for free. Please see PMH’s test fees below:

  • $900 MXN ($45.10 USD est) for rapid testing. Results in 15 minutes
  • $3,690 MXN ($185 USD est) for PCR testing. Results in 24 hours.

You can get the test from Monday to Saturday. If you get tested before 12 noon, you will get the results in the evening. If you get the test after 12 noon, the results will come back to you within 24 hours.

To schedule your Sayulita COVID test, please get in touch with Larisa via e-mail: or call +52 329688 0059. Please note that 329 numbers in Nayarit are landlines so this number will not work on Whatsapp or text.

Coming to Sayulita? We encourage you to take a COVID test with PMH! We want to know your thoughts about frequent COVID testing and responsible (COVID) travel – do you get tested regularly? How often do you travel? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below and let’s chat!
sayulita covid test

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  • Thank you for the info. Is there a fee for the home service or it is included in the test fee? I appreciate the response. Thanks again, Sayulita Insider!

  • I’m staying in Punta de Mita and must provide proof of a negative test before departing for the states – if I test positive, are there any quarantine hotels you can recommend?

  • Quay Richerson
    January 16, 2021 19:29

    There are 3 of us staying in Sayulita until March 16. Can you give us a price on a home test? Heading to the States so only need an Antigen test. Many thanks.

  • Nikolai Franke
    January 20, 2021 08:56

    Dear Sayulitainsider,

    from what I read on the CDC website, the US authorities require NAAT or antigen test and do not accept antibody tests (cf. Or maybe I’m misreading this?

    Now, PMH does offer all three kinds of testing (antibody, antigen, naat/pcr), and only the antibody takes but 15 minutes. For the antigen text, they calculate 4 to 6 hours. If in fact I am correct in my reading of the aforementioned CDC page, it would be great to have PMH do antigen testing in Sayulita and get results via whatsapp or whatever later. Do you happen to know it that’s an option?


  • My husband and I are coming for a month Febuary to March 2021 and wanted to see if all rules are still the same?Such as dining shopping and alcohol purcases


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