We ranked these Sayulita cafes according to menu, wifi, and ambiance

sayulita cafes

Editor’s full disclosure: We were not compensated by any of these Sayulita cafes to publish anything about them. All opinions are our own and based on our experiences from years of living in Sayulita.

Awesome content Sayulita Insider! Thank you! We just arrived in Sayulita and are looking for the best Sayulita cafes particularly with wifi and healthy food. Can you recommend any? We are new in town and would love to get a recommendation from you guys! Thank you for all your content!!!!

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Sayulita cafes: how our Editors came up with the list

There are many Sayulita cafes all over town but for this particular reader question, we will only recommend those that have decent wifi for digital nomads. WiFi in Sayulita is not really that good to find but we’re always on the hunt for new Sayulita cafes to be our second offices.

Comfortable seating is also important. Sayulita is a small town and you’ll rarely find cafes with big spaces. We will also be discussing the layout of each of these Sayulita cafes. We also considered the neighborhood and the location of each place.

Finally, food. A cafe can have a pretty interior or good wifi, but the food is one of the most important. We’ve been to lots of cafes in Sayulita but we only recommend those we’ve actually tried (and liked). Vegetarians, don’t worry – we assure you that all these places have vegetarian and vegan options.

Here’s the list of our favorite Sayulita cafes. Hope you enjoy them and let us know your favorite!

#1: Yah Yah

Yah Yah is number one because it’s comfortable and familiar. This is where we always do our client meetings and team brainstorming. There are times when we want to try new Sayulita cafes but in the end, everyone will decide to go to Yah Yah because of their super-fast WiFi!

Yah Yah is located in Niños Heroes so for our team members who live on the south side, this is a very convenient location. It’s about a 3-minute walk from the plaza but I personally don’t like this walk because the street of Niños Heroes is super narrow. It’s always busy with cars!

sayulita cafes

Photo: Yah Yah Sayulita

Their outdoor seating (with a street view) is good for brunch and breakfast dates. If you want a peaceful environment for working, they have the second-floor area for digital nomads. This Sayulita cafe has airconditioning with is another plus. AC is very rare in Sayulita! There’s also plenty of plugs all over the cafe if you want to stay and work longer.

On Yah Yah Sayulita’s menu: basic breakfast (fruit plate), croissants, toasts, bowls, waffles, bagel, wraps, hot and cold drinks, smoothies, and coffee.

If sandwiches are your thing, Yah Yah specializes in bagels and croissants. Our favorite is Buenos Dias, a bagel sandwich with eggs, bacon, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, Brussel sprouts, and pickles. Buenos dias costs $4 USD.

We also love their espresso selection where you get the chance to virtually travel around Mexico and see their specialty coffee. Our espresso recommendation is Veracruz.


2: The Anchor

We recently discovered Anchor and we love it for its very private location! Here’s the thing: if you are living in Sayulita for a long time like us, you will get to know the whole town. Sometimes, finding a quiet space to work can be challenging. Lots of distractions from people saying hi when they see you sitting down in a cafe (believe me, it happens to us most of the time).

The Anchor is located at Gringo Hill and not a lot of people pass by this street. In fact, you won’t see anyone! There are lots of spaces inside and there is also an outdoor space if you don’t want AC. Wifi in Anchor is super-fast like Yah Yah. They have a fiber-optic Internet so it’s digital nomad approved.

sayulita cafes

Photo: The Anchor Sayulita

On Anchor Sayulita’s menu: coffee, specialty hot drinks (latte), cold brews, tea, smoothie bowls, smoothies, bagels, and ciabatta. They also offer a lunch menu (mind you the plates are big!) that’s not meat-heavy. FYI, their eggs are organic!

Our favorite is Anchor’s Big Breakfast, a really big plate with two eggs, bacon, grilled panela, cheese, sauteed spinach, tomato, and sourdough. This plate costs $6.74 USD.


#3: Don Bonito Cafe

Don Bonito Cafe is the winner of our up and coming category in Sayulita Insider’s Best in Travel 2021. Most of us have lived here for years but never really noticed Don Bonito Cafe because we don’t frequent the northside. It’s a pretty new cafe, too.

Bonito has the biggest space and most beautiful ambiance in all of these Sayulita cafes but our debate at the office is always, “will you go all the way north for Don Bonito?” I will! 3/10 of us will. As you already notice in our articles, there is always a hood war between us. I always bring friends visiting town here because they love it. It might be far but it’s super private, airy, and quiet. I feel like I can concentrate more on work here than in the other cafes. Don Bonito Cafe is about a 15-20 minute walk from the plaza.

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sayulita cafes

Photo: Don Bonito Hotel

I haven’t had the chance to try their food yet since I always just come here for the coffee. I don’t come here very often because I live on the southside of Sayulita. The main reason why I go to this Sayulita cafe is space, privacy, and a quiet environment. That’s really a rare find in Sayulita and I love Don Bonito for that!


#4: Miscelanea

I must admit that the first time I visited Miscelanea, I wasn’t that impressed because it was pretty crowded. The chairs are next to each other and there was a long line outside. Until I came here on a dead hour (hmmm, let’s say 3:00 pm?), I realized why it’s always crowded and full — their space is really really comfortable!

Miscelanea is very centric to town but it’s not really easy to spot. You need to enter an alleyway right next to Emiliano’s Restaurant to get to this hidden garden. Once inside, you will see their outdoor and indoor seating, both conducive for digital nomads. There are also plugs everywhere! However, their wifi is not great! It’s super slow most especially when it’s full. They only have the normal Telmex rouoter and it’s not fiber-optic wifi. I feel like if Wifi was good, Miscelanea would’ve been on top of this list!

sayulita cafes

On Miscelanea’s menu:breakfast specialties like yogurt-based meals and chilaquiles, coffee, tea, toasts, sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies, and smoothie bowls. Their lunch menu includes tacos and burgers!

Our favourite in Miscelanea is their shakshuka, a typical Israeli breakfast with tomatoes, eggs, and onions. Accompanied by fresh bread, shakshuka is the perfect brunch food. We actually believe that Miscelanea is the only place in Sayulita that serves Shakshuka. This plate is big (but we never share) and costs $5 USD.


#5: El Fortin

They moved to a new location and we definitely love this one better! I have been living in Sayulita for years and I’ve witnessed El Fortin move 3 times. They are now on the north side and I must say this location is way better than the others. Alright, this isn’t super north like Don Bonito. This is really close to the center.

sayulita cafes

The street where El Fortin is located in a quiet area and their outdoor seating is perfect for people watching. You literally have a street view but we promise, it isn’t that loud. You can definitely focus on work! Wifi is pretty slow but so I don’t really recommend this to digital nomads. What I do when I am here is connect my laptop to the hotspot. I really love this space!

I also just come here for coffee and every month, I swing by to buy their coffee bean for my home! Their roasted coffee is one of my favorites in Sayulita and it’s really very reasonably priced. If you want good coffee in your house, take it from El Fortin!

Have you been to Sayulita? What are your favorite Sayulita cafes? If you haven’t been, what’s the most attractive for you on this list? I would love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in the comment box below!
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  • Amberlyne A Angeles
    December 15, 2020 04:10

    Thank you for these recommendations! I actually haven’t been to Sayulita but now i’m looking forward to visit. Just reading about these cafes had also given me an idea about the locality itself, that it’s a small community where almost everyone knows each other. I like that warm vibe. I am interested to visit the Anchor and Don Bonito because they seemed to be more private than the others, hence more conducive for me to focus on work. I’m also that person who will say hi and invite a friend to come over at the table so i should intentionally choose a more private place for less surprise encounters.

  • This is amazing!! Wow, there are so many aesthetic cafès in that small town. I love, love, looove café hopping. I also rank my favorite cafés according to the ambiance, menu, and wifi.

    I am torn between Don Benito and The Anchor if I had to vote from this list. Quiet and big spaces are important to me because I like to chill, work, and read in cafés. I’ve never been to Sayulita (going to Mexico is on my list as soon as the borders open), but thanks to this list, I’m all the more hyped to go there! <3

  • I usually go for quiet and comfy place to work, so Don Bonito is on top of my list. Proximity is not an issue especially if I plan to work for long hours, although the argument is it’s always the productivity at the end, I strongly believe that place has a great influence on it. I work a lot on the street, at airports and inside the train and this list will definitely be added to my bookmark and hope to work here (when the pandemic situation gets better). Thanks for this helpful list! Cheers t more productive yet enjoyable 2021!

  • Christine Consas
    December 15, 2020 10:55

    I love cafe’s with good internet! Definitely one of my go to break when traveling. I also always search for local recommendation because they are more reliable than tourists reviews. I have never been to Sayulita but I will definitely keep this bookmarked for future reference, so thank you. Oh, I can just imagine the smell of shakshuka and big breakfast. Yummy!

  • I haven’t been in Sayulita, but El Fortin is most appealing to me because I love the quiet, and I also enjoy people watching. It gives me a burst of energy seeing different kinds of people passing by, seeing different expressions and gestures. It often makes me wonder about life. Not that I am being nosy, there’s a certain vibe to it which is good whenever I experience a block or “low” moments.


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