Organi-K: a health-conscious smoothie and juice bar in Sayulita

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Editor’s full disclosure: We were not compensated by Organik Sayulita to make this review. All opinions are our own and Organik Sayulita did not ask us what to write. We want to let you know that we only recommend businesses in Sayulita that we believe in. Organik is one of them.

Awesome blog! Really helpful for those who do not have an idea of the Sayulita layout. I am a solo traveler from the Netherlands. I would like to stay in Sayulita but I am afraid I do not know anything about the vegan culture of the town. Is it a thing? What is the best vegan restaurant in Sayulita? I hope you can also write a Sayulita vegan guide. Thank you so much!

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Many people don’t know this but Sayulita is a very health-conscious Mexican town. This might be unimaginable for you considering Mexico is a voracious meat-eating country but the lifestyle here is all about surf, yoga, and sustainability.

At Sayulita Insider, we get this question a lot: how to survive as a vegan/vegetarian in Sayulita? We also have a full guide about that but today, we want to tell you about our favorite breakfast place in Sayulita that serves healthy breakfast bowls, smoothies, and anything raw, really!

Organik Sayulita: where is it located?

Really, even without having read this post, once you are in Sayulita, it’s not that hard to spot. Conveniently located in between the busy area and the town entrance, Organik’s location is one of the best in Sayulita. The place is really small – there is about 5-6 tables max inside. There is a wooden-table outside that can seat 3 or 4 people but this is usually just for people doing takeaways. Organik has a to-go feature and their set-up makes it a good experience to just order a smoothie and go to the beach.

How sustainable is Organik Sayulita?

In terms of sustainability, Organik does not use anything that involves plastic. Actually, when you go there, it is highly encouraged to bring your own tumblers and thermos for takeaway. If it’s not part of your system to do this, Organik definitely teaches consumers how to behave. Their takeaway products are made from natural materials, like for example, the straws are from avocado scraps. This is a 100% plastic-free business!

organik sayulita

Organik recently opened a new branch in Punta de Mita. Find them at Shore Skate Park!

Aside from food, they also sell products that would encourage you and somehow make you think about your plastic consumption. Upon ordering at the bar, you will see a variety of products like thermos, tumblers, soaps, bamboo cutlery set, and many more! In our opinion, displaying products like this can lead to enticing people to re-assess how much plastic we are consuming. Organik Sayulita is definitely one of the influencers who drive our community to be environmental-conscious.

Organik Sayulita Menu

On to our favorite part: the food! Mostly when we are hungover, we’ve frequented Organik as we can’t get enough of their healthy treats! Our favorite is their turmeric and ginger shots that will surely cure a hangover after a heavy night in Sayulita. What we like about Organik is that most of the items on their menu are raw.

As much as we’d like to surprise you, we also would like for you to know what’s in store for you before your visit to Organik Sayulita. Here’s the breakdown of all the yummy treats they serve:


There are lots of smoothie bars in Sayulita but Organik has a wider menu. If you ask us, our recommendation would be Pura Vida (pure life in English) which contains blueberry, banana, strawberry, raspberry, orange juice, almond milk, protein hemp, and acai. This yummy treat costs $4 USD only and comes in a generous serving. Other smoothies in their menu below:

organik sayulita

Pura Vida or Mellow Yellow?

  • Bagus: mango, pineapple, spinach, orange juice, coconut, hemp protein , and, maca
  • Sol de mayo: strawberry, pineapple, guava, passion fruit, hemp protein, and moringa
  • Tudo bom: banana, apple, almond milk, spinach, spirulina, honey, and hemp protein
  • Cali Cali: strawberry, banana, almond milk, homemade peanut cream, maca and amaranto
  • Verde vida: pineapple, celery, spinach, kale, orange juice, spirulina, hemp protein, and wheatgrass
  • No Bad Days: banana, almond milk, homemade peanut cream, hemp protein, cacao nibs, chia and maca
  • Baja Sur: strawberry, mango, banana, orange juice, coconut, acai, and hemp protein
Acai Bowls

We’ve traveled to Brazil and we are very happy that Acai Bowls are also a thing in Mexico! Acai is a superfood and has lots of health benefits. Originally from the South American rainforests, acai is a lot like grapes. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are super beneficial to our bodies. If you take acai, it’s only 70 calories a cup!

organik sayulita

Always great to start the day with Organik’s acai bowls!

In this menu, we totally debated what should be Sayulita Insider’s favorite (FYI, we tried them all) and our winner is Aloha Wey! You surely understand what Aloha means but, in Mexican slang, wey is a term of endearment for bro or dude. You should definitely use this word to sound like a local.

Aloha Wey contains acai (obviously), blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, almond milk, and homemade peanut cream. It is generously topped with fresh fruits like banana, goji berries, coconut, and honey pollen. It’s also sprinkled with granola! Aloha Wey will surely fill you up without having to worry about your calorie intake.

Aside from these two very interesting part of Organik Sayulita’s menu, they also serve poke bowls, juices, smoothies, shots, and coffee!

Click here to see Organik Sayulita’s full menu

Organik Sayulita: Staff, customer service, and our personal experience

Since we live in Sayulita, the staff at Organik already knows us and they are the best! They always have a smile on their faces whenever we approach the counter. They always chat with the customers and they speak English! A lot of foreigners worry about their Spanish language skills whenever they visit Mexico but we assure you that Organik Sayulita’s staff are pretty accommodating and can speak decent English.

organik sayulita

The friendly staff at Organik Sayulita. We love them!

Whenever we review restaurants in Sayulita, we make sure that we don’t only talk about the good things. We also need to be honest about what needs to be improved based on our experience. We are regulars at Organi-k but since the place is small, there is a lot of wait time involved particularly during peak hours (breakfast, brunch). This is a good indicator of a successful business but if you are in a hurry (like us), there is not a lot of space to wait when they are busy.

We are super glad that Organik Sayulita is thriving as a business and we love the owner, Majo. She is sweet, super-intelligent, and is a big supporter of sustainable living. We will make an interview with her soon so keep it here! Overall, Organik is Sayulita Insider approved and you should make them as part of your breakfast routines whenever you are in Sayulita.

What are your thoughts about health-conscious restaurants? Are you a fan? What is your favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the world and how do they operate? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below and let’s chat!
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  • Thanks for the great content, guys! We are a couple from Montana visiting Sayulita soon. My wife and I are both vegans and it’s really nice to have this piece of information. We thought it will be hard for us to be in Sayulita as vegans so thank you for the recommendation!

    • Very true! Mexico’s vegetarian/vegan industry is surely starting to grow. There are lots of other places like this in Sayulita but Organik is definitely our Editor’s Choice. Enjoy your trip to Sayulita, guys!

  • Constanza Vázquez
    November 29, 2020 22:53

    Oh, I wish I lived in Sayulita! The vibe there feels so chill and international! When I was there, I could see that most people are way more concious about the environment and about their own bodies.
    I´m a big fan of business like this one, specially because of the 100% plastic-free policy. I normally carry my own thermos and cutlery around, but I´m aware not everyone can do that, so hopely more places start being more and more sustainable all around Mexico.
    Where I live (Mexico City), there are quite a few organic places like this, but not near my area. I have to drive at least 30 minutes or more, with traffic, in order to get a nice healthy breakfast, but I hope I can go back to Sayulita soon, and when I do… I´ll definitely step by Organik and get a big acai bowl! It´s been so long since I had one!
    Also, I can´t wait to try the “Baja Sur” smoothie, sounds like a delicious mix of every fruit I love!

    November 30, 2020 21:31

    I’ve been here! The menu was really good. When I return it will be one of my first stops. The food is fresh and healthy and the staff were really great as well.

  • I bet you had a lot of fun capturing Organi-K’s aesthetic! The menu sounds inviting, the merchandise looks fresh and the passion of the people behind this place is palpable. The Buddha Bowl seems like a must-try! I am a fan of health conscious restaurants as it satisfies my food cravings without too much guilt. Monkey Grounds Coffee is my go-to place for plant-based eats in Iloilo City, Philippines. Their organic produce comes from their rooftop garden and they serve local coffee, all-day breakfast, sweet and savory munchies, among others. I highly recommend the Spinach and Smoked Tofu Toast! What’s good about their place is that they have an outdoor patio, which is a safer dining option in this pandemic. I also like that they have books that customers can borrow for free and return at their own leisure. I noticed too that they’ve been encouraging the use of reusable utensils. I love how health conscious restaurants like Organi-K and Monkey Grounds are making an effort to respect and include the food choices of vegans and vegetarians; there are more options than just having a salad. ☺


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