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la fogonera sayulita

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It all started with a dream. Tamara, Radaii, and Jenny are three chefs who left their lives in Puebla to go on a journey with their food truck. We arrived at their food truck around 6 pm, just in time for early dinner. Tamara welcomed us and we totally felt how kind, warm, and simple these people are. It was really overwhelming to get a chance to know these locals and dive deep into their stories.

We put the mic on Tamara. She was very nervous. She said it was her first time to be on a video interview but we assured her we will guide her through it. When we are doing video productions like this, we don’t really send them interview questions in advance. We want the interviews to be as normal as possible, you know, just going with the flow. This way, they can be their most authentic self without following a script. We’re usually excited about how people respond to our questions!

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la fogonera sayulita

Visit La Fogonera Sayulita in Calle Playa Azul.

I always dreamt to live by the beach as a child. Sayulita met all my expectations in terms of living well.

“Sayulita is a place that I’ve been looking for all of my life. The people are so kind. There is lots of outdoor activities, and there are so many things to do in Sayulita that involves nature!” Tamara added.

Originally from Veracruz, Tamara Vazquez is a graduate of gastronomy. Her love for cooking started at an early age. She grew up in a gastronomical work environment with her parents. They had several restaurants in the state of Veracruz and from there, Tamara decided to follow in their footsteps.

She was working in different Mexican cities: Cancún, Veracruz, Guadalajara, and now in this beautiful town of Sayulita. La Fogonera Sayulita always sold savory food, but now they decided to share with us the culinary experience of Puebla and its tradition of churros.

La Fogonera’s best-seller: Churros

Churros come from Spain, as well as the Arabs. They arrived in the state of Puebla, where they started to grow. The people of Puebla adapted it in a very familiar way. So that’s why churros have become a very traditional dessert for Mexicans. Tamara wanted to give their clients a bit of creativity and sell different styles: from the classical, which comes with sugar and cinnamon.

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la fogonera sayulita

Watch out! This is a 4-people sharing plate!

La Fogonera Sayulita has churros filled with Nutella, sweetened condensed milk, dulce de leche, jam, and ice cream. In general, they wait until the oil in the pan is between 180 and 200 degrees to add the freshly-formed churros. The pan is made of copper. This ensures that no toxins leach into the oil, and our churros come out 100% natural.

One of our favorites at Sayulita Insider is their churro sundae. It comes with churros dusted with sugar, as well as strawberries and bananas for a fresh flavor. On top of that, there is a scoop of chocolate ice cream finished with chocolate sauce and a bit of hazelnut butter. It’s a great choice in the hot season!

We were chasing our dream, and trying to find a way to stay here in Sayulita. At first, it was quite difficult, but now we are much more stable. It’s been a long process, but the people here received us with lots of love, and that’s why we’re here.

When they first arrived in Sayulita, they realized that there were few desserts like this. And so, their great investigation began. They developed their original recipe, adapted and improved it. “It was trial and error.” Tamara shares.

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la fogonera sayulita

Friends of La Fogonera Sayulita who continue to support them with their endeavors.

Tamara shares her personal life with her husband, Radaii who is also her business partner. She shared how they worked for different restaurants, hotels, where they didn’t have any freedom of expression.

We couldn’t be creative or go beyond what the people or the boss tell us. We were doing what we were told and we found that very limiting.

When asked what was the hardest thing in putting up La Fogonera Sayulita, Radaii shares that it was leaving the state of Veracruz to Puebla, and then from Puebla, coming to Nayarit. He shared how he misses his family at the same time realizing that they are following the dream.


La Fogonera Sayulita: big dreams and future plans

La Fogonera’s plan in the future is for this food cart to be a franchise. Not only in Nayarit, but to expand into other states like Veracruz, Puebla, and Monterrey. Finally, Radaii closes this interview with a very strong statement: “We decided to become independent so that we could have new creations, and do things differently from the others.”

Click here to get directions to La Fogonera Sayulita
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