Hamburguesa Papo’s: get to know the family serving your late-night eats!

best burgers in Sayulita

Last week, we asked the people of Sayulita to vote for the best burgers in Sayulita and here's the result!

Sayulita loves to party. Party-goers love late night eats. After most restaurants close, dining options are reduced to the late night eateries. Taco stands, bacon-wrapped hot dog joints, and hamburgueserías occupy that niche, serving hungry revelers on their way home to bed late at night.

One of those late night eating spots recently won our “Best of the Best” competition for best hamburger in Sayulita. Diana, also known as Sujey Chavez, is the chef and proprietor of Hamburguesas Papos, a late night staple at the southern corner of Revolución and Jose Mariscal, in front of La Esperanza restaurant.

Sujey started cooking from a young age and made her first hamburger only three years ago. The secret, she told Sayulita Insider, is that her hamburgers are made with love. The recipe she uses is of her own invention. Love, ground beef, parsley, and chopped onion. She also makes a vegetarian burger with mushrooms, pineapple, and cheese.

Since February of 2019, Sujey has been selling her burgers to her loyal customers. Almost every night, you can see her behind her cart at the grill. She arrives shortly before sundown to set up her puesto, light the griddle, and prepare for the night’s work. She and her helper, Carlos Muñoz take orders and make burgers for the hungry crowd until her last burger has been sold.

Watch the best burgers in Sayulita video on our Youtube channel!

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