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Looking for a private chef in Sayulita? MariaLala Food by Genaro Zuñiga Arce is your best bet! Sayulita is very famous for jungle retreats, weddings, birthdays, and big celebrations. But what if you are on vacation and you don’t want to cook? What if you are a group of 25 people and you don’t want to go out of your villa to eat? Well, at this time of COVID, it’s also not possible to go out in restaurants like that. Sayulita also doesn’t have the space for that many people!

This is where Genaro’s services will come in. His latest project was a bachelorette party where he cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 25 people for 4 days!

Bachelorette Party in Sayulita / food by Genaro

Meet Genaro

Born and raised in Baja California, Genaro moved to Sayulita not to pursue his career in culinary arts but to see what it’s like to live on your own terms. Popular to his close friends as “G,” this 29-year old is energetic, fun, and very creative. Apart from cooking for you privately, he can also be your friend who can show you around Sayulita.

Prior to your arrival in Sayulita, G will get in touch with you via Whatsapp so he can present to you his meal plans. He is obviously an expert in Mexican cuisine but is very flexible to your preference. Whatever food requests you may have, he can definitely cater to it!

At Sayulita Insider, we encourage supporting locals like Genaro who are doing their business independently so get in touch with us to book Genaro as your private chef!

Sayulita Insider recommends Genaro

We have worked with Genaro several times. During our office opening in May, where all of us were drowning with work, Genaro offered private chef services for us once a day for a month. We figured to hire him because if we don’t have a chef in the office, none of us will ever eat! Health is very important in the work that we do at Insider Productions. You can imagine how many videos we edit every day and how many hours it takes to finish one. Genaro was there to the rescue, serving us super healthy food. Alas, we were eating on time! We definitely recommend Genaro’s services. He is a professional and has a great passion for what he does.