Want to sound like a local while in Sayulita? Try these essential Mexican Spanish phrases

essential mexican spanish phrases

Hello Sayulita! How are you guys? Lovely blog and very informative. I just want to ask if people can speak English in Sayulita? If not, what are the essential Mexican Spanish phrases that I need to know about? It will be also great if you can recommend a Spanish teacher while I am staying in Sayulita. I really need to practice. Thank you!

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A positive aspect of living in our modern time is for sure how the world we live in is becoming smaller and smaller, travel is considerably easier and cheaper nowadays! Mass tourism has for sure some downsides, but as a vagabond myself I know there are lots of ways to make your travel more sustainable.

I believe in a form of tourism more green and ethical that connect in a positive way with the host community.

One aspect of this philosophy is to interact with people of the country you are visiting and even if Mexicans are getting more and more used to talk in English with tourists, learning a few key phrases and words can definitely help and make more fun your stay!

While mastering a language can be a time-consuming process, for your travel in Mexico you just need some words to communicate in common situations, no matter what, your effort will be appreciated and you will make new friends drinking a chela on the beach even quicker!

Here you have some basic Spanish (or I should say Mexican) words and phrases! Let us know what’s your favorite!

Essential Mexican Spanish phrases when visiting Sayulita

Spanish is the second language in the world by a number of native speakers, so knowing some basics words can be a great skill.

essential mexican spanish phrases

  • Yes – Sí
  • No – No
  • Please – Por Favor
  • Thank You – Gracias (also used as No, Thanks. If a vendor offers you something on the street for example)
  • Sorry / Excuse me – Perdòn
  • Where is the bathroom? – ?Disculpe, Donde esta el baño?
  • Excuse me – Disculpe (when you want someone attention for example)
  • What? – ?Mande? (when you don’t understand something)
  • Speak a little more slowly please – Mas despacio, por favor

Basic Mexican Spanish Greetings

Mexico is an incredible country, and some of its charms are the amazing people you will meet. Mexicans are really friendly and polite, knowing how to handle initial greeting is a great way to start a conversation, also in Mexico, is completely normal to greet people with a, for example: ” Buenas Tardes” while walking in the street.

essential mexican spanish phrases

  • Hello – Hola!
  • Goodbye – Adiòs
  • Good Morning – Buenos Días
  • Good Afternoon / Evening – Buenas Tardes
  • Good Evening – Buenas Noches

Essential Mexican Spanish phrases for eating, ordering food, and shopping

These are some of the words you will use and need more, Mexican food is delicious and you will find yourself asking for another taco pretty often.

essential mexican spanish phrases

  • I would like – Me puedes dar ___ ?
  • Not too spicy please – No muy picante, por favor (You can thank me later for this!)
  • This is delicious! – !Esta Muy Rico!
  • The check, please – La cuenta, por favor
  • Can you give me two tacos? – Dos tacos, por favor (In Mexico you always order at least two tacos!)
  • I’m Vegetarian – No como carne
  • A beer, please – Una Cerveza, por favor
  • Another beer, please – Una mas, por favor
  • How much this cost? – ?Cuanto Cuesta?
  • Shop – Tienda

Basic Mexican Spanish slang to impress

Even if almost all Latin America speaks Spanish what makes unique every single country in it is the use of special and catchy slang! There’s a whole world of Mexicanism but here you have a bunch that you will hear all the time.

essential mexican spanish phrases

  • No mames! – No Way!
  • Chingon! / Padre / Chido – Cool!
  • Compa / Carnal – Close Friend
  • Aguas! – Watch out!
  • Que onda? – What’s up?
  • Chela / Cheve – Beer
  • Neta? – Really?!
  • Güey / Wey – Mate / Bro (You will hear this one A LOT!)

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Do they speak English in Sayulita?

Only employees in big restaurants can speak English so you don’t have to worry about that. Street taco stands, food truck owners, and street food vendors do not speak Spanish. At Sayulita Insider, we always encourage Sayulita visitors to speak the language and blend in with our local community.

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