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best ceviche in Sayulita

Best ceviche in Sayulita: La Guera

Last week, we asked the people of Sayulita to vote for the best ceviche in Sayulita and here's the result!

The winner of our second edition of our Best of the Best series doña Irma, who most people know simply as Güera. She is the mother of Karen, from Karen’s fish market and the daughter of a Sayulita fisherman. Growing up in this sleepy fishing village, Irma began making her acclaimed fish ceviche–a slightly different variation according to the fish available–at an early age and has been making it for more than 20 years. The fish we used on this occasion was called the bota, freshly caught that morning, but Irma listed several other species of fish that are also appropriate for making other types of ceviches.

For those that don’t know, ceviche is a dish that is popular throughout nearly all of coastal latin America. The dish is believed to originate in Perú, but it has been embraced widely throughout Central and South America and throughout the world!

best ceviche in Sayulita
Irma is from a family of fishermen so she really knows about ceviche!

Irma invited the Sayulita Insider crew into her garden oasis and showed us how to make her famous fish ceviche. The recipe is simple, relying on fresh ingredients finely chopped and cooked in the juice of fresh limes.

First, Irma deftly filleted the fish and showed us the bright pink coloration that is a sign of the fish’s freshness. Laying the fillet on a cutting board, she diced the fish into cubes about 2 cm a side. Putting the cubed fish into a mixing bowl with two cubed pepinos, she added the juice of fresh limes to cure the fish and let them sit for about 10 minutes.

During the time the fish was curing in the fresh lime juice, Irma and I diced tomatoes, red onion, serrano peppers and cilantro. Once the fish was fully cured, we added the vegetables and mixed well. Finally, we served the mixture on tostadas with fresh avocado and salsa picante Huichol.

A fresh and delicious recipe for a hot day!

Watch the best ceviche in Sayulita video on our Youtube channel!

Genaro, also known as "Gee" in the Sayulita Insider office is our Lifestyle Photographer. He also hosts our show, "Best of the Best" series where we ask the pueblo to vote for their favorites every week. Follow Gee on Instagram and get to know more about his adventures in Sayulita!

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